WhatsApp Reborn 1.80 Plus AntiBan Ban Hold Up Significant Evil Intent down

★★★ Download Info ★★★ 23.5 MB (246,65,282 bytes) MD5=> F9A395FC56CC8B6900DBE8FE9F68E814 SHA &#151; 1=> BD78EB81D8C859AE904A1C950896DB67ECE2BEFD ★★★ What's New ★★★ *[Added] Calls UI header mods 2.1.9 to 2.2.2 (Thanks Archit Jain for hints) *[Themed] Contacts TAB in CALLS UI *Translucent status in tete- shield MOD 1.4 is abandon.! Disable it manually if KEYBOARD BUG is more mighty to you *Calls UI is now enabled for ALL as a OVERSIGHT UI *OLD UI privilege added in mod 2.0.7 *[Firm] TEAL<=>Blue Sin versa icons for XHDPI devices *[Firm] Swain While Color in fundamental shield MOD 2.2.7D *[Firm] Wait in start up ★★★ Features ★★★ *Fully customization/theming options available from changing icon to exchange whole look of whatsapp by applying and creating themes *Upload videos upto 30 MB , Images in pattern suggestion (No compression) Media sharing options *Whole new DOCUMENTATION SKETCH implementation *Awesome secrecy features Squirrel Away dispirited ticks , magnify ticks, last seen, «is Writing» issue So you can go partizans. *Previews options for images and videos (like there is in iOS) *In-App put together statistics *Get notified when your contacts go online *And many more mods We oath you «If you will use this mod for 7 days continuously you won't ever beat abandon to pattern whatsapp» ★★★ Instructions for new initiate ★★★ *Make Sure you have flawlessly event whatsapp installed with your mighty chat* 1) Exposed Whatsapp & Go to Settings→Chat Settings→Backup Conversations 2) Uninstall WHATSAPP 3) Download & Initiate Given WhatsApp Reborn's apk 4) Exposed it→Click CORRESPOND & CONTINUE→Enter your digit 5) If you have backed up your tete- earlier then there should be MAKE RESTITUTION BUTTON , Upon it (If you get communiqu like «Your app is unauthorized Download from cavort store» then Uninstall popular WhatsApp Reborn → initiate pattern whatsapp from cavort set aside → do verification deal with → Tete- with 1-2 yourself → backup chats → uninstall Pattern whatsapp → initiate given WhatsApp Reborn You will definitely get MAKE RESTITUTION button) 6) Fasten Upon a cup of coffee cause it might take some long... Upon Pursue after it finishes 7) Congratulations You've successfully installed WhatsApp Reborn .! Now Enquire Into many more features 8) this modernization as much as you can :P ★★★ Instructions for update ★★★ 1) Na initiate apk 2) If you get APP NOT INSTALLED ERRONEOUSLY then issue steps of NEW POST