This is my first stream so cut me some shiftless if it dosent employment. This is cfw for the PSP so you can take part in iso images (Games) that you have downloaded, on your PSP. Any troubles just ask me and i should be able to help you. For this to employment you have to have OFW 6.39 installed on your PSP beforehand. I do not stay any creditability for anything that you do with this firware and do not stay any creditability for anything that happens or goes maltreat. I do not own this firmware either. Steps: 1. Selection .Rar classify 2. Duplication the FastRecovery and PROUPDATE folders into Removable Disk G:/PSP/GAMES (So advert in your PSP and fathom that directory)(Omit about the other folders besides FastRecovery and PROUPDATE) 3.Unplug your PSP and go into the Be Deceitful tab and preferred respect poke and go to the last one with the low-spirited cv, so pro update 4. Let it do its reaction and just hop it it for around 3 minutes 5. The PSP will now have cfw on it 6. To certain you have cfw well installed go into the organization info and limit that it says you have PRO KNIGHTLY installed. STEPS TO TAKE PART IN GAMES: 1. Advert in your PSP to your computer and on the very first errand-boy that comes up when you encumber the PSP manufacture a new folder called \"ISO\" without the bid marks. 2. Duplication and paste all of your games entirely into the ISO folder and you should be able to take part in them from the respect poke in the Be Deceitful tab on your PSP. I have tried this with my PSP 3000 continuous OFW 6.39 and it works just amusing. CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!! CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!! CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!! CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!! CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!!CAUSE!!! Thanks — ;)