WhatsApp Reborn 1.75 Plus AntiBan Ban Sustain Documentation Draft apk

★★★ Download Info ★★★ 23.5 MB (247,00,569 bytes) MD5=> 08D5B017F414289CC1AF3B509C720A21 SHA — 1=> A68F3B020F51F787DDE64C3CD66EAC0E2C0086EC ★★★ What's New ★★★ *Changed failure consumer interface *PREVIEWs added for Images & Videos (without downloading like in iOS). Credits to http://ogmods.net *In app Bracket statistics put into the limelight added in bracket info mask. Credits to http://ogmods.net *New Icon added color: TEAL *New mods 2.3.0 , 2.3.4 , 2.3.5 added *Made SubMenu for SECLUSION in CALLS UI *[Regular] 2.3.x mods not working in CALLS UI *Other bug fixes ★★★ Features ★★★ *Fully customization/theming options available from changing icon to swop whole look of whatsapp by applying and creating themes *Upload videos upto 30 MB , Images in source doggedness (No compression) Media sharing options *Whole new CORPOREAL SHAPE implementation *Awesome seclusion features Keep Quiet risqu ticks , copy ticks, last seen, «is Writing» topic So you can go revolutionaries. *Previews options for images and videos (like there is in iOS) *In-App bracket statistics *Get notified when your contacts go online *And many more mods We bond you «If you will use this mod for 7 days continuously you won't ever exchange go to source whatsapp» ★★★ Instructions for modern inaugurate ★★★ ★ Make To Appear Sure you have absolutely constant whatsapp installed with your outstanding conversation ★ 1) Offer Whatsapp & Go to Settings→Chat Settings→Backup Conversations 2) Uninstall WHATSAPP 3) Download & Inaugurate Given WhatsApp Reborn's apk 4) Offer it→Click APPROVE & CONTINUE→Enter your total 5) If you have backed up your conversation earlier then there should be REVIVE BUTTON , Compress it (If you get communication like «Your app is unannounced Download from dally with store» then Uninstall contemporary WhatsApp Reborn → inaugurate source whatsapp from dally with stock → do verification take care of → Conversation with 1-2 in the flesh → backup chats → uninstall Source whatsapp → inaugurate given WhatsApp Reborn You will definitely get REVIVE button) 6) Clutch a cup of coffee cause it might take some long... Compress Perpetuate after it finishes 7) Congratulations You've successfully installed WhatsApp Reborn .! Now Scrutinize many more features 8) Equity this #Osm alteration as much as you can :P ★★★ Instructions for update ★★★ 1) Wholly inaugurate apk 2) If you get APP NOT INSTALLED ERRONEOUSLY then be guided by steps of MODERN ESTABLISHMENT