CloudConnect 3.0 [.ipa]

CloudConnect 3.0 About this spate: Unleash the be fulfilled power of your iPad and iPhone. ★ Motion Pictures Sharing (VNC/RDP): Quick Like A Bunny, plump-featured Distant Desktop Viewer. Behold and power Windows, Mac OSX (Lion gracious) and Linux computers as if you were sitting in fa of them. ★ Documentation Sharing: Behold and by files on your Windows, Mac OSX (including Lion), Linux, or other network services like Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, Google Docs, or anon from the iPad or iPhone. ★ Undisturbed Secure: Optionally use Google services to awaken your computer with Undisturbed Secure when away from native. Download for release from ★ Printing At Your Fingertips: Writing files to any AirPrint printer. You can also writing from anywhere in the everyone via Undisturbed Secure on your MAC or PC. ★ Mechanical Disclosure: Cloud Secure automatically discovers computers on the town network or those uninterrupted Antecea’s Undisturbed Secure from anywhere in the everyone. ★ Access Anywhere: Company users access your computers over the corporate network using VPN. ★ Surface A Consider Your iPad into a Network Motivate: Finder (MAC OSX) and My Network Places (Windows) automatically discovers your iPad or iPhone as a network widget. ๏ Under the hood ๏ == Unrivaled Connectivity == • Access files on your computer, cloud based storage account or NAS devices. • SMB, AFP, FTP, SFTP, WEBDAV protocols • SMB Server (Network Motivate) == Docs, Photos, Videos and Music (Behold only) == • All exemplar iOS video, audio, fetish formats • iWorks files (Pages, numbers, Keynote) • Microsoft Charge (Huddle, Overshadow, PowerPoint) • HTML web pages • PDF Documents • RTF (Heavy Subject-Matter Make-Up) • Clear files in other apps on your iPad. == Distant Desktop == • Supports both VNC and RDP protocols • Unrivaled Safeguarding: Aborigine MAC OSX authentication for VNC and NLA for RDP • Access from anywhere using Undisturbed Secure for MAC or PC • Proceed tone anon from RDP Windows or MAC/PC with Undisturbed Secure • Intuitive owner interface • RDP Calm trend == Documentation Executives == • Reproduction, rename, expunge, ruffle files and folders • Crop subject-matter files • Zip and Unzip files and folders • Send files as email attachments • Frame new audio/voice recordings • Clear files with other apps == Conformableness == • Simultaneously transmit multiple files and folders. • Proceed videos and music. No need to discontinuation for downloads to unbroken. • Buttress for Multi-tasking (obscurity inconspicuous trend) • Have multiple clear files for viewing at the same in good time always == Authoritative Extras == • Transmit a photo from the iPad album to any of your computers or cloud storage • Wake up your computer remotely (Wake on LAN) • Countersign tend the app • Lay email attachments • Transmit files via iTunes (USB) • SSH Noted Key authentication (for SFTP) • VGA Out buttress