KALI LINUX - Hacker's Toolkit v1.0.8

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ####### KALI LINUX — Hacker's Toolkit v1.0.8 ####### ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is an go to convene all of the significant Kali Linux knowledge and necessary files into one, organized Inundation... Kali .iso, Books, OS X Hacking Tools, and Videos significant to this entry testing codification are included. This variation has all files separated so that it's relaxed to download only that needed. NOTE: This inundation will be updated as further knowledge is discovered and aggregated. Plans are to emancipation updates upon new versions of Kali. ------------------- | Kali Linux v1.0.8 | ------------------- -> kali-linux — 1.0.8-amd64.iso — 64-bit Differing (Released: 7-22-2014) [ SHA1SUM: 939cc7bbc42b598d6c8f359fd1bfe2a919de8ed0 ] From the creators of BackTrack comes Kali Linux, the most advanced and well-schooled entry testing codification ever created. BackTrack has grown far beyond its undistinguished roots as a stay CD and has now become a dazzling-fledged operating technique. The great awaited Kali Linux USB EFI boot prop up facet has been added to our binary ISO builds, which has prompted this primordial Kali Linux 1.0.8 emancipation. This new facet simplifies getting Kali installed and constant on more current machinery which requires EFI as well as various Apple MacBook Air and Retina models. Besides the besides of EFI prop up, there is a whole array of work updates and fixes that have accumulated over the a handful of of months. ** Kali Linux Neglect Passwords ** During instatement, Kali Linux allows users to configure a shibboleth for the source buyer. However, should you determine to boot the stay embodiment instead, the i386, amd64, and ARM images are configured with the neglect source shibboleth – “toor“, without the quotes. ------- | Books | ------- Ben Clark ~ RTFM — Red Rig Competitors Directions v1.0 (2013) No Starch Also Pressurize ~ Hacking — The Art Of Exploitation (2008_2nd) No Starch Also Pressurize ~ Entry Testing — Hands-On Intro to Hacking (2014) O'Reilly ~ Hacking — The Next Siring (2009) Anchored Planet ~ Hacker Playbook — Usable Example to Entry Testing (2014) Syngress ~ Basics of Hacking and Entry Testing (2013_2nd) Syngress ~ Basics of Web Hacking (2013) Syngress ~ No Tech Hacking — Common Engineering (2008) Wiley ~ Hacking For Dummies (2013_4th) Wiley ~ Common Engineering — The Art of Mortal Hacking (2011) *-> CEH --- McGraw-Hill ~ CEH v8 Exam Example (2014_2nd) McGraw-Hill ~ Gray Hat Hacking — The Right Hackers Handbook (2011_3rd) Rafay Baloch ~ Beginners Example to Right Hacking (2010) Wiley ~ CEH v6 Analyse Example (2010) *-> Hacking Exposed --------------- McGraw-Hill ~ Hacking Exposed (2012_7th) McGraw-Hill ~ Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics (2010_2nd) McGraw-Hill ~ Hacking Exposed Linux (2008_3rd) McGraw-Hill ~ Hacking Exposed Well-Schooled Custodianship Secrets & Solutions (2013) McGraw-Hill ~ Hacking Exposed Web Applications (2011_3rd) McGraw-Hill ~ Hacking Exposed Wireless (2010_2nd) *-> Kali Linux ---------- Daniel Dieterle ~ Focal Custodianship Testing with Kali Linux (2013) Packt ~ Kali Linux — Assuring Custodianship by Entry Testing (2014) Packt ~ Kali Linux Cookbook (2013) Packt ~ Kali Linux Common Engineering (2013) Packt ~ Web Entry Testing with Kali Linux (2013) Syngress ~ Hacking with Kali — Usable Entry Testing Techniques (2014) *-> Metasploit ---------- No Starch Also Pressurize ~ Metasploit — The Entry Testers Example (2011) Packt ~ Metasploit Starter (2013) Packt ~ Culture Metasploit Exploitation and Evolution (2013) Packt ~ Mastering Metasploit (2014) Packt ~ Metasploit Entry Testing Cookbook (2013_2nd) *-> Nmap ---- Gordon «Fyodor» Lyon ~ Nmap Network Scanning (2008) James Messer ~ Secrets of Network Cartography — Inclusive Example to Nmap (20xx) Nicholas Fen ~ Nmap Cookbook — Fat-parole Example to Network Scanning (2010) Packt ~ Nmap 6 - Network Research and Custodianship Auditing Cookbook (2012) *-> Python ------ Addison-Wesley ~ Learn Python The Alcoholic Way (2014_3rd) Al Sweigart ~ Hacking Recondite Ciphers With Python (2013) No Starch Also Pressurize ~ Gray Hat Python — Python Programming for Hackers and Difficulty Engineers (2009) O'Reilly ~ Culture Python (2013_5th) Packt ~ Construction Party Culture Systems with Python (2013) Packt ~ Python Acute Show Programming (2013) Syngress ~ Python Forensics (2014) Syngress ~ Savage Python — A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Entry Testers and Custodianship Engineers (2013) *-> Projectile Scripting --------------- Apress ~ From Bash to Z Projectile (2005) Apress ~ Pro Bash Programming — Scripting the GNU~Linux Projectile (2009) FreeWorld ~ Linux Bash Projectile Rook Covering (2nd) O'Reilly ~ Bash Pinch Remark (2010) O'Reilly ~ Grep Pinch Remark (2009) O'Reilly ~ Culture the bash Projectile (2009_3rd) Packt ~ Linux Projectile Scripting Cookbook (2013_2nd) Packt ~ Entry Testing with the Bash Projectile (2014) Sams ~ Linux Projectile Scripting with Bash (2004) Wiley ~ Linux Prescribe Filament and Projectile Scripting Bible (2008) Wiley ~ Projectile Scripting — Crack Recipes (2011) William Shotts ~ The Linux Prescribe Filament (2009) ------------------- | OSX Hacking Tools | ------------------- Burp Entourage (Parole) v1.6 - burpsuite_free_v1.6.jar Metasploit Position Design — msf_install.sh Nessus v5.2.7 - Nessus — 5.2.7.dmg Wireshark v1.10.8 (64-bit) — Wireshark 1.10.8 Intel 64.dmg -------- | Videos | -------- CBT Nuggets — BackTrack and Kali Linux CBT Nuggets — CEH CBT Nuggets — Wireshark VTC — Advanced Right Hacking ** LEFTOVER INFO ** { Not Proper to Inundation } To unzip: (Linux) tar -xzvf and/or whatever built-in utility, as necessary. (Mac OS X) Right click on the .zip portfolio and restrictive «Open With ->» then use «Archive Utility» (unripened icon), The Unarchiver or StuffIt Expander to unzip the folder... These should all trade becomingly. (Windows) Use either WinZip or 7zip to decompress the files as needed. Thanks and make use of!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ####### (c) — DoubleGate / 2 August 2014 ####### -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------