Keenness Linux 64bit 3.5.380-dbg

Heat 3.5.380 released May 13th, 2014 Heat 3.5.380 is (another) DISPARAGING bug fix come out with. ALL USERS ARE RECOMMENDED TO UPGRADE. Additionally, ALL LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS SHOULD INSTANTLY UPGRADE/UPDATE TO THIS COME OUT WITH. Distributing earlier versions of 3.5 at this point up is rash and risks our users' materials. This come out with includes several surely requisite fixes for bugs could bring on to audio and MIDI files being irreversibly deleted from disk. We do not know exactly how these losses happened — no owner ever rest a stable means to recreate all of them — but reports from several different users did bring on to a painstaking encrypt critique which uncovered some likely for classify destruction. One very repeatable destruction of a MIDI classify after unlinking a replica of a MIDI jurisdiction was very definitely rigid. There are a few other stripling fixes and improvements described below. As wonted you can download it from the wonted thrive, and as wonted subscribers get this update without . Thanks to everyone for their back up (and promoting). Once again, the OS X come out with position has still not improved, though a demo 64 bit replica of this side is available (fully featured except that is has does no redemptory or restoring of plugin settings, and no plugin presets). Additions & Changes do not explosion when considering whether a directory called «midi» or «mid» might be a MIDI classify Make Clear Audio/Video gist options Fix unconscionable-shape era when exporting video Add way out to exposition the mixer in fullscreen Generic MIDI oversee now correctly handles log-scaled parameters (fixes #5890) Fix -d (disable all plugins) squabble Oust all unrestrained use of the gio library Developers Robin Gareus, Paul Davis, Adrian Knoth