Earthcomber map for Palm pda - Siskiyou, California

Earthcomber USA no longer supports gps map downloads (.pdb files) for their legacy Earthcomber 2.0.0 freeware. Which is a disgrace. But The Lift Bay should affirm to be an excluding resource for others to upload their existing Earthcomber .pdb files for the aid of those who still enter to use their trusty gps enabled pdas. These files are tried and proven on Palm OS 5.0 devices, but have a hunch unencumbered to upload any and all Earthcomber map files, along with individual to compatibility as well as ordination low-down. And don't tergiversate to equip feedback, for the aid of all. Ordination: — Download the zipped categorize, for each area/region. Be sure to opt for the «(GET OVERFLOW CATEGORIZE)» or «(ANONYMOUS DOWNLOAD)» way out. Refrain From the «DOWNLOAD» box. — Each zipped categorize contains two .pdb (Palm Database) files: CitySTATE and CitySTATE_loc files. — Open Up up the zipped categorize and transcript both files immediately to the pda SD be open up: SD card/PALM/Launcher. — And that's all there is to it. Have! In The Same, please transcript any and all of your Earthcomber .pdb map files, off the pda SD be open up, and upload the The Lift Bay. In The Same, have a hunch unencumbered to upload Earthcomber USA map files designed for other pdas and operating systems, as well as individual to instructions as how to instal. Note: Earthcomber USA ended bolster for these pda gps map downloads around 2010, and the details on these maps is probably much older. So use volition. Earthcomber only produced maps for the Shared States. I have uploaded, or will soon upload the following maps of my existing inventory: (11 maps = 22 files on your palm pda) Alameda, California (AlamedaCA + AlamedaCA_loc) Contra Costa County, California (Contra CostaCA + ContraCostaCA_loc) Mariposa, California (MariposaCA + MariposaCA_loc) Napa, California (NapaCA + NapaCA_loc) New York, New York (New YorkNY + NewYorkNY_loc) San Francisco, California (San FranciscoCA + SanFranciscoCA_loc) Santa Clara, California (Santa ClaraCA + SantaClaraCA_loc) Santa Cruz, California (Santa CruzCA + SantaCruzCA_loc) Siskiyou, California (SiskiyouCA + SiskiyouCA_loc) Solano, California (SolanoCA + SolanoCA_loc) Tulare, California (TulareCA + TulareCA_loc)