TopStyle (Position + Transportable)

TopStyle (Instal + Carry-On) About this liberation Account is a hot-fix for account, not a correct instal. Bug in v : when you validate a HTML5 doc with the W3C validator, then the following boner appears: HTTP Boner 12168. Immobile. Instal: instal v, update to and suit sew up (see readme submit) Carry-On: registered, just unpack and run Topstyle executable, disallow internet access About TopStyle TopStyle 5, a impressive HTML5 & CSS3 compiler for Windows. Puff Up your ideas to soul with HTML5 & CSS3 TopStyle 5 supports the newest versions of heart standards that handle fresh web experiences. You'll get access to all the latest tags and properties, including help from built in tools like Sensitivity, Inspector & validators. Hyperlinking (Go to Proclamation) & Estate Help TopStyle's one of a kind hyperlinking greatly simplifies navigating between documents. Click an HTML grade characteristic to guide to the delineation of that grade in an outside flair layer, or click an fix tag or CSS component to untaken receptive the linked submit for editing. Clicking on a CSS estate name in the compiler window while holding the Ctrl key down will show full help about the selected estate. Percipient Ape and Paste — now 100% faster! We believe that even smallest details can be improved and Percipient Ape and Paste is our reply. You no longer need to highlight/select a tete- to ape it. With your cursor in a tete- all you have to do is persuade Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+X) and TopStyle will sculpture out what to excellent and ape. Percipient Paste (Ctrl+Shift+V) will refund the known tete-. You won«t believe how much you»ll overlook this puff up in other editors! Validation: Flair Checker and W3C + CSE + HTML5 validators CSS is actually quite lucid, but getting it to profession in multiple browsers is a contest. This is where TopStyle shines! TopStyle«s Flair Checker is a impressive machine which validates your flair sheets against multiple browsers, flagging any impaired properties or values it finds. What»s more, TopStyle enables you to obsolete your flair sheets later on to the W3C's validation services so you can very soon authenticate against the documented specifications. CSS3 Media Queries CSS3 allows you to specify a flair layer for certain conditions. For example, you can have one flair layer for elephantine displays and a different flair layer specifically for non-stationary devices. TopStyle 5 allows you to accommodate to different resolutions and devices without changing the glad. CSS Selector Panel The CSS Selector Panel displays all selectors in your corroborate. Clicking any selector in the shopping list will juke-joint to the rectify macula in a lengthy corroborate. But there is more: you can comfortably clarification out or manufacture new selectors too! HTML Edifice Panel The HTML Edifice Panel appears below the rules compiler, and displays the hierarchy of HTML tags that moving up to your editing viewpoint. Selecting the root tag is unreserved! When you click on one of the buttons in the HTML Edifice Panel, TopStyle 5 will excellent the corresponding HTML tag (and its contents) in the compiler. CSS Groups One of the most daunting things about construction and maintaining a web can be wading through vast, disorganized flair sheets. Nothing is worse than start-off up a flair layer someone else has worked on and opinion, «what the heck happened here?». One of TopStyle's most impressive features is its power to number CSS selectors into a folder edifice. And tons of elfin things: — HTML toolbar: TopStyle comes with a consumer-configurable HTML toolbar that is displayed above the compiler. Just click and hug down the mouse button on a snippet, and — then inch the filler from the HTML toolbar anywhere into your corroborate. — XRAY: You click the XRAY button to instantly reply those alive questions: where is the top and of this element? how big is each margin? how big is the padding? how ample and towering is the glad box? what CSS selector(s) suit to this element? — Combustible Charm Checking: TopStyle identifies spelling errors as you with wavy red underlines, and allows you to act upon each identified stew with a framework menu. — Unicode: The TopStyle compiler, Inspector, etc. are all Unicode-compliant. When you obviate your (X)HTML corroborate, you can optionally excellent encoding for your corroborate (UTF — 8, UTF — 16, ANSI, etc). — Prefixr: Keeping up with vendor-prefixed properties is ruthless. Prefixr to the let loose. Prefixr will eliminate your CSS3 properties and dynamically update them, adding (vendor-prefixed) properties for irritable-browser compatibility. — Submit Description: TopStyle 5 creates a backup every interval you update and obviate a corroborate. Thanks to a new Description window, you can untaken receptive a backup, liken differences between revisions, or turn up in times past to a backup (revitalize a anterior reinterpretation). — Wrap HTML Tag: While TopStyle comfortably provides auto tag closing, it also allows you to comfortably wrap an existing HTML Tag. Pick an climatic conditions b rudiments name from the Wrap HTML Tag dialog and your HTML tag should now be wrapped in a new HTML tag, without you having to manually lay the viewpoint for the untaken receptive tag and the minute tag. — Reification Maps: An reification map is an reification that has been divided into areas, or «hotspots»; when the consumer clicks a hotspot, an vitality occurs (for example, your reader is taken to another Web period). TopStyle 5 comes with a built-in reification map compiler that makes it unreserved to manufacture reification maps for your Web pages. ...and just the origination. Homepage