Ubuntu 14.04 Usage with best Applications

In summation to the Reference available in the licensed Ubuntu CD, The following applications are bundled with this DVD. 1. Amarok — A and best importance music performer 2. Android Studio — Settled software increase kit for making android applications (updated to the latest variety with Android L advance showing and Inaugurate JDK pre installed) 3. Artha- An English glossary with significance and treasury. 4. Blender — A Standard graphics and vitality reference 5. Calender Summons — Reference to entitle synchronizing with Google calender 6. Deluge — A Delicate and irresponsibly Outpouring Patient, better than Dispatching. 6. Dropbox — Pigeon-Hole uploading reference. 7. GDebi container installer — irresponsibly container installer like synaptic 8. GIMP- A Adept Inaugurate originator Epitome leader-writer like Photoshop 8. Gnome Media Performer — A delicate Media performer 9. Google Chrome — web browser 10.Google keep — Reference for winning notes in Android phone with synchronization with Ubuntu. 11. Iso monarch — for modifying disk images 12. K3b — and Most useful DVD/CD fervid app 13. Libre Cad — A austere Auto CAD outline. 14. Modem Director — Reference for managing your 3G dongle. with text weigh contain and sms receiver 15. Openshot Video leader-writer — A austere UI Video leader-writer with most functions, though dodgy to use. 16. Opera web browser 17. Remastersys — For making Installation/Live CD from your Linux Ordination like this. for cast off up too 18. SM Performer — A Nobler Importance video Performer. 19. Valid Converter — Converting many types of audio files 20. Thunderbird letters patient 21. Transmageddon — video files converter reference. 22. Ubuntu SDK (using QT supreme being) — A Software increase kit for making Applications for Ubuntu OS, Ubuntu Have A Bearing On, HTML 5 22. VLC media performer — vlc plays all the media files used today. 23. YPPA — for hands down adding PPA to Apt originator 24. Xnote — for altogether making notes in desktop 25. Restricted Extras — for playing All proprietary media formats like mp3, glimmer etc. 26. Nautils alternative to inaugurate fatal from any directories Thank You. Have a Delicate Day !...!