Ubuntu 14.04 Dues with applicatins

This is a customised type of Ubuntu 14.04 standards named Depend Tahr. For installing this long the iso counterpart (3.7 GB) in to a DVD or split second intend. Right click on the iso counterpart and click detract to disk using k3b/brasero in Linux or Windows DVD excited weapon. Reboot the practice and the DVD will be booted with a menu. You may exclusive the «Boot Room CD to to run the OS from DVD itself or click Instate rightaway. If you exclusive to boot as Room CD, you can instate from preferred too. If you have aleady Windows installed it will recognise it and instate in a seperate chamber. If you want to correct a new chamber you may exclusive the genus as Ext4 XFS etc. But atleast one of the chamber should be choosen as boot chamber ie. with »/«. You can have seperate chamber for your individual files as »Home"partition or just one chamber for everything. When induction completes practice rebooted with manu for selecting Ubuntu/ Windows to trouble. In extension to the Request available in the decorous Ubuntu CD, The following applications are bundled with this DVD. 1. Amarok — A fashionable and best importance music performer 2. Android Studio — Superlative softwere incident kit for making android applications (updated to the latest type with Android L advance showing and Bring Out JDK pre installed) 3. Artha- An English dictionory with gist and thesures. 4. Blender — A Lay graphics and dash request 5. Calender Blame For — Request to expedite synchronising with Google calender 6. Dropbox — Organize uploading request. 7. GDebi combination installer — wildly combination installer like synaptic 8. Gnome Media Performer — A minute Media performer 9. Google Chrome — web browser 10.Google keep — Request for engaging notes in Android phone with synchronisation with Ubuntu. 11. Iso understand — for modifying disk images 12. K3b — Fashionable and Most useful DVD/CD excited app 13. Libre Cad — A na Auto CAD pr. 14. Modem Foreman — Request for managing your 3G dongle. with statistics level fit and sms receiver 15. Openshot Video leader-writer — A na UI Video leader-writer with most functions, though cheating to use. 16. Opera web browser 17. Remastersys — For making Installation/Live CD from your Linux Induction like this. for resting with someone abandon up too 18. SM Performer — A Distinguished Importance video Performer. 19. Test Converter — Converting many types of audio files 20. Thunderbird correspondence patient 21. Transmageddon video organize converter. 22. VLC media performer — vlc plays all the media files used today. 23. YPPA — for without a hitch adding PPA to Apt begetter 24. Xnote — for just making notes in desktop 25. Restricted Extras — for playing All propreietary media formats like mp3, split second etc. Thank You. Have a Minute Day !