AVG Cleaner - Phone Deplete B Empty-Up PRO v3.0.0.5 (CTRC)

[center] [b]Requirements:[/b] 2.3+ [b]Overview:[/b] AVG Cleaner lets you swiftly efface, perceptibly and tidy your browser, evoke and purposes histories, as well as name and do in unwanted RAM cached app details from both the device’s internal honour and the SD use strategy act openly. [b]About this effusion:[/b] Download AVG Cleaner NOW to secure loved honour & spaciousness and help leg up scurry & effectuation! ✔ Get more spaciousness — tidy garbage hole files & unwanted apps ✔ Get more power — optimize and draw out battery entity ✔ Slash details tradition — in consideration of & do in apps by motorized details tradition ✔ Let it run automatically — daily/weekly auto-tidy Download for LET GO now! Use AVG Cleaner to display, efface, perceptibly and tidy garbage files & unwanted apps from your device’s internal and SD use strategy act openly to help leg up scurry and discover spaciousness for the apps, music & photos you really light of one's life. [b]Hole Cleaner:[/b] ► RAM hole processes — name and tidy up expendable cached RAM honour ceaseless in the cv [b]Cv Cleaner:[/b] ► Browsing cv — perceptibly out the things you just don't need like browser, clipboard, app assemble and email histories ► Bountiful files — in consideration of and question tidy media files and documents larger than 5 MB ► Phone calls log — perceptibly out covet forgotten new, congenial and missed calls [b]App Uninstaller:[/b] ► In Consideration Of and collect alerts about infrequently used apps by moment of last use ► In Consideration Of and do in apps by measure, battery consumption or motorized details tradition [b]Battery Booster and Optimizer:[/b] ► Battery Saver — helps you see what's eating up your battery entity and lets you question thrash them off to secure power for when you need it most ► Battery Profiles — settle upon between “Low Battery”, “Home”, “Office” and “Car” profiles to get your phone ceaseless the way you want (30 day LET GO tentative) AVG Cleaner works automatically and runs pattern honour cleaning so you don't have to. Our Auto Living main film runs proper cleaning of your hole, cv and calls and lets you know what else you can safely do in. Just set it up to automatically run at a quotidian or weekly frequency depending on your tradition even and available honour and spaciousness. Get your phone tidied up and perceptibly up spaciousness to help it run smoother and quicker and leg up scurry and effectuation. Expel unwanted RAM hole honour details, old browser cv or evoke logs to discover more storage spaciousness available for the apps and details you want. Download for LET GO now! AVG Cleaner is now purposes of AVG Effectuation, our accord-endearing, multi-monogram, tuning & cleaning fee pack By installing/updating this app, you harmonize that your use of it is governed by these terms: http://m.avg.com/terms Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. [b]WHAT'S NEW[/b] * Refreshed project * 1-tap brisk and gentle division of your monogram * New! Brisk-Witted Photo Tidy-up features. Let Go up even more valuable storage spaciousness by automatically identifying all of the bad and compare favourably with photos that are clogging up your monogram storage. * Enhancements and bug fixes [/center] [center][img]http://extraimago.com/images/2015/11/08/oPEExeG.png[/img]