iGO 8

=================================================================================== Relevance =================================================================================== «|| »||«»|. «||» «|» «||»«|. »|| .. || || || || | || || || ... .« »|| || || || | ||«»«|. ||» || |. || || || || | || || || | «|..»||. .||...|« »|..« .||...|» «|...» =================================================================================== Relevance =================================================================================== Relevance..............: iGO 8 Operating System.........: WinCE Maps Available...........: USA & Canada TTS......................: Yes Buildings and POI........: Included See Trade..................: Included Cams and Warnings .......: Included Languages................: All Available ====================================================================================================================================================================== Extraordinary 3D visualization iGO primo app offers extraordinary 3D visualization. Complex junctions are displayed in 3D to victual a swift brain of your next maneuver while occur-to-spark of life 3D models of legendary landmarks and exhibition of the territory around you — such as valleys, hills and mountains. Extraordinary 3D visualization TTS Pro The Main Body Text-to-Spiel (TTS) quality allows pronouncing borough, row and highway names as forsake of the control instructions. The new TTS Pro reads out not only guide publication commands, but also see trade events, a digest of the planned path and relative nation info after crossing a approach closely. Main Body Text-to-Spiel is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian. Note: The languages mentioned above fluctuate in the apropos packagages. TTS Pro Google particular search Discover businesses or anything else you need around your viewpoint Google particular search In-app get for extras Nation maps, refuge cameras, Resonant POIs (Explorer’s wrap), Survive See Trade: Keep days by using the substitute routes generated automatically by your steering software following the up-to-dated see trade data available for your produce path. In-app get for extras At Liberty Survive See Trade Our Europe, Western Europe, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Benelux, Brazil, North America lite, North America, Russia and DACH applications come now with AT LIBERTY SURVIVE SEE TRADE data! Keep days by using the substitute routes generated automatically by your steering software following the up-to-dated see trade data available for your produce path! At Liberty Survive See Trade Level-Headed Union Scrutiny Level-Headed images of motorway junctions for easier attitude. Level-Headed Union Scrutiny Worldly-Wise path reckoning iGO primo app calculates not only diet, petite, and carefree-to-conclude routes, but also leafy ones. The leafy routing choice is new, judge this one for lessen combustible consumption and CO2 emission. Worldly-Wise path reckoning POI search along the path POI search along the path Multiple Objective Entrance Pilot to: iPhone contacts, GPS-coordinates, pictures Multiple Objective Entrance Customizable swift menu Customizable swift menu Customizable agency realize Customizable agency realize Send a query to Guy Help Send a query to Guy Help Optimized in-car use Dividend unfettered buttons, elementary icons, and a truly intuitive interface with curvilinear workflow secure optimized in-car use and concentration to the path. Optimized in-car use Truthful publication control in numerous jargon iGO primo app supports numerous languages. Please restrain out the About this flow: of the living soul packages for the tabulation of the languages included. Truthful publication control in numerous jargon QWERTY keyboard Use the QWERTY keyboard layout with dividend unfettered keys in countryside condition to infiltrate an talk. QWERTY keyboard Supporting multi-attribute routes You can now add one middle objective to your path. This quality was introduced in manifestation 1.1. Supporting multi-attribute routes Job POIs (Places) If you discover a Attribute of Captivate (POI) that has a phone few, you can request it this instant from the steering relevance. Job POIs (Places) Quickstart purpose No need to keep in mind path names and legislative body numbers. Keep an unconstrained few of favorites for a quickstart. Quickstart purpose Canny digest The canny digest «learns» the user's behavior and habits, and offers a ranked tabulation with the most likely destinations based on the prevalent GPS viewpoint, aforesaid routes, day of the week, and days of day. Canny digest Where am I? — difficulty purpose Discover help in difficulty situations! Based on the prevalent GPS viewpoint this purpose diplays close at hand aid, such as regulate stations, schism-down services, ATMs, etc. Where am I? — difficulty purpose Millions of POIs Exceptional from millions of Points of Captivate along your path or at your objective, and you can effortlessly discover close at hand hotels, restaurants, ATMs, gas stations, etc. Millions of POIs Multi-eat separate You can zoom the map in and out with two fingers — in iPhone condition — but for quicker exercise power one-eat shamus is also supported. Multi-eat separate Canny Keyboard The Canny Keyboard speeds up the talk entrance by completing the most likely borough and row names. Canny Keyboard Research the map You can without reserve scan and research the map in both 2D and 3D condition: zoom, spin out, tourney, reel, and exceptional any attribute on the map as objective. Research the map Auto attitude To agree to steering on iPhone really serviceable, the relevance selects automatically between sketch and countryside arrangement. Auto attitude Lane aid and level-headed signposts iGO primo app makes steering carefree even in complex situations. Nation-spelled out lane control and signposts cut out you even more level-headed help in choosing the right lane well before the upcoming maneuvres. Lane aid and level-headed signposts Day and Ceaselessly condition With changing be uncovered conditions when driving into tunnels or at outset, iGO primo app switches between Day and Ceaselessly condition. Day and Ceaselessly condition Vehimarkers With iGO primo app, users can exceptional different images for their viewpoint markers, so the habitual arrow can be changed to a genre of level-headed 3D symbols, including stock, bicycle and numerous car models. Vehimarkers Steering resumes after entering request Following an entering request during steering, iGO primo app fully resumes control without any buyer interaction. ====================================================================================================================================================================== Fix In Place: Fully unpack this on to your SDCard, stick in SD into GPS, encumber the EXE and possess have a good time! This is a 100% perfect and tested on Chinas «no name» and another GPD item. i have tested this for about a week and changed options and all kinds of things, no issues. Not one. ======================================================================================================================================================================