All in One - Arrangement Let Go Free Toolkit 2016-05-15 Boot ISO[by Robert

[center][img][/img] All in One – Combination Let Go Free Toolkit is designed to quick and efficiently aid a technician with troubleshooting and repairing Windows based PCs. [color=green]The Stay CD quota contains the following utilities: AisleRiot Solitaire – a collecting of humorist games (Smartest emotional attachment I've seen in a condition gismo like... ever. Think about it) Brasero – flame CD/DVD Browser – lightweight Ubuntu web browser Computer Clonezilla – cut up and disk imaging/cloning program CPU accent examine – Mersenne prime CPU torture examine Desktop Sharing – VNC based desktop sharing Disks – disk utility to make do SHARP and disk partitions Disk Use Analyzer – graphical germaneness to break down disk use GParted – cut up collector for graphically managing your disk partitions NT Bounteous Sesame Reset – Windows bounteous sesame ouster utility PhotoRec – record details convalescence software Depot – Ubuntu Call The Tune Plan Interface (CLI) TestDisk – details convalescence software designed to help better buried partitions When the AiO-SRT CD or USB is inserted into a Windows computer, the program AiO-SRT.exe can be run and contains the following utilities: Comprehensive Reprove Proprietor Combination Analyzer Web Browser – pocket-sized web browser Record Proprietor for Technicians – ignores NTFS permissions RoboCopy GUI – quick parrot a class of files without stopping for errors Resource Oversee CD/DVD Coerce Emulator – pocket-sized coerce emulator to mount disc images Figure AiO-SRT Dazzle Coerce Don’t Doze – frustrate doze, hibernate, shutdown, and aver Reboot Shielded Vogue Tools CPU Accent Examine Recollection Diagnostics Searching Coerce Diagnostics Disk Control Defrag Combination Coerce Combination Knowledge Coat Of Arms Proprietor Tools Oversee Sensors LCD Extinct Pixel Examine Searching Coerce Use OS Condition Autoruns Combination Record Checker DISM Combination Condition Registry Collector Call The Tune Cajole (Admin) Episode Viewer Condition Explorer Icons Combination Fix Up Windows Update Condition Disk Cleanup Software Effect Keys Uninstall Programs Doze & Wake Info Help Hibernate Disable Hibernate Networking Reset TCP/IP & Winsock Traceroute & Ping Examine Wireless Instal Measure LAN Forward Examine Whois Field Lookup Windows Firewall Modem & COM Mooring Examine Approach Bounteous Ports Approach Bounteous Shared Files Uninterrupted Ping Examine Surety Windows Surety Center Connect Microsoft Surety Essentials Kaspersky Virus Ouster Gismo Microsoft Safe Keeping Scanner COMODO Cleaning Essentials ESET SysInspector Norton Power Eraser Virus Thorough Online Scanner Eicar Anti-Virus Examine AV Ouster Avast! Ouster Gismo AVG Ouster Gismo Kaspersky Ouster Gismo McAfee Ouster Gismo MSSE Ouster Gismo Norton Ouster Gismo Direction Micro Ouster Gismo Webroot Ouster Gismo All-Embracing AV Remover [/color] [img] — 1.gif[/img][/center]