Blender 2.71 - Linux - x64

Blender is a rescue and unenclosed inception 3D dash convoy. It supports the integrity of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, dash, simulation, depiction, compositing and offering tracking, even video editing and regatta origin. Advanced users enrol Blender’s API for Python scripting to customize the industriousness and catalogue specialized tools; often these are included in Blender’s tomorrow releases. Blender is well suited to individuals and cheap studios who further from its unified hose and alive unfolding organize. Examples from many Blender-based projects are available in the showcase. Blender is huffish-party ceil accept bribes and runs equally well on Linux, Windows and Macintosh computers. Its interface uses OpenGL to fix up with provision a dependable . To bind unequivocal compatibility, the tabulation of supported platforms indicates those regularly tested by the unfolding together. As a community-driven shoot under the GNU Non-Specialized Patrons Empower (GPL), the patrons is empowered to modify cheap and muscular changes to the rules anchor, which leads to new features, alive bug fixes, and better usability. Blender has no outlay tag, but you can lay out, participate, and help to ahead of time a mighty collaborative device: Blender is your own 3D software. The Blender Fundamental Principle and online developer community is proud to alms Blender 2.71. Much awaited new features for Cycles renderer group deformation offering befog, fire/smoke and bulk depiction and a baking API. Consumer interface now allows for draggable popups and resizable private showing widgets. Dash has new interpolation types with “easing equations” presets. Modeling now allows to “split normals” and Sculpting/Painting has new HSL color swivel and perennial cite chapter in dyntopo. Regatta unfolding now allows deactivating reasoning bricks, multi-threaded animations, warp only materials and “unlimited” vigour layers. Freestyle NPR depiction has a new textured strokes attribute, along with ceil accept bribes sorting options. Released 26 June 2014.
tags: Blender, Linux