Phone INFO+ ★Samsung★ 3.3.10

Phone INFO+ ★Samsung★ 3.3.10 ★ Browser Firmware – Flip firmwares available online, phone and any other Samsung models – Regard details firmware, and redirect to the website for download. ★ Alteration the CSC: CSC and gives you the cleverness to alteration – Omen: CSC alteration your thingumajig to plant settings returns. (All narcotic addict figures will be deleted) – It is possible for newer models order exterminate b on access. It also requires the firmware several CSC ★ reviews Refurbishment: – Supports all models of Samsung – Chip worker ★ decoding serial thousand – Take Possession Of poop on the state of base and companion of putting out of the serial thousand of Samsung. You can on the serial thousand of Samsung (including old phones, perform phones) ★ Division of IMEI – Test IMEI for authentication by sly the Test Digit (according to the algorithm Luhn). ★ Mere Features: The following poop about your phone shows. common poop: – Industrialist / characterize – Locale – thingumajig order – By-Product Name – Made – preparation companion – Knox Commitment Pass Poop CSC: – CSC lex non scripta 'common law Domestic – CSC firmware lex non scripta 'common law – Lex Non Scripta 'common Law influential CSC – State CSC – ISO state CSC – By-Product Lex Non Scripta 'common Law CSC Thingumajig ID: – IMEI – Serial thousand – Serial thousand Samsung Firmware poop: – Bootloader rendition – Baseband rendition – PDA rendition – Rendition CSC All platforms: – Record of Changes – bod thousand – Bod Fingerprint – About this spate: of preparation – preparation companion – Android Poop MISC: – Burgee B Thingumajig / internal recollection – Metal Goods / Food – Plank / chipset – Food modem – Editing metal goods – The name of the facile faker – Facile Network Lex Non Scripta 'common Law Record Functionality: – Chip headphones – Sway Connector (requires exterminate b on) – Chip separating the S Pen (requires exterminate b on) Apart counters for series Galaxy Note S Pen is available. Note: This program has the ancestry firmware (Ancestry Firmware) works appropriately. The duty ROM Some poop may not pageant correctly. WHAT’S NEW 3.3.9: v3.3.9: – Bug fixes. v3.3.6: – Added details about the ‘Root Existence’ info (tap on it for more details, if you have exterminate b on). v3.3.5: – Added ‘Latest Firmware’ info. – Improved ‘Secret Codes’ menu: emulate mystery lex non scripta 'common law to the clipboard, when launching with the ‘Launch 2’ method. – Improved ‘ServiceMode’ button: lengthy-swarm the button to select between * # 27663368378 # and * # 197328640 #