Fictitious PBX 3.5 for the 256MB and 512MB Raspberry Pi

Prodigious Pi is a bootable allusion for the $35 Raspberry Pi. It features Raspbian 7, Asterisk 1.8, and FreePBX 2.10. It includes many of the best features of Prodigious PBX including Google Organ for open-handed work in the U.S. & Canada. Prodigious PBX 3.5 draw synopsis: 1. New nut with inevitable celebration allocation and guidance for 256MB and 512MB Raspberry Pi devices. 2. Integrated update rite for retrieval and fitting of updates and fixes: /root/update-my-pi. 3. For those with SD cards > 4GB, you now can resize them on the fly after first boot. Just run raspi-config. 4. While you're in raspi-config, set the overclocking desired. We run it at well-shaped fight 1GHz with no problems. You need a very propitious power adapter! 5. Station program has been reworked to verify new SMTP dispatch server, Exim. 6. Exim replaces SendMail for more compliancy. SendMail commands (rite sendmail restart) still m. Exim Cheatsheet: 7. All Timezone systematize locations for Linux and PHP now are configured the first continually you log in as wholly. To rerun: /root/timezone-setup. 8. Do NOT use raspi-config to set continually domain as it will NOT update PHP!!! 9. Networking initialization has been tweaked a bit more. You also can: /root/restart-eth0 or /root/restart-wlan0. 10. Learn everything about WiFi on Your Pi by event: /root/wifi-discontinuation. 11. Clearing nest egg now happens automatically every shades of night and after first login as wholly. You also can do it yourself: /root/clear-nest egg. 12. Gmail design in /root is gone for propitious. Run /root/email-setup and promotion in the entries shown here: 13. Fall Short WiFi network setup (/etc/wpa.conf) now looks for open up networks automatically but sets open up WiFi as lowest weight (1). 14. unburdened-logs in /root has been expanded to do more evening housecleaning. 15. In organize to verify SD be direct dilation on the fly, the swap part is no more. Now it's just a systematize. 16. Asterisk log rotation bug has been immovable. 17. Quirky network loser with trade mark xerox copy DHCP whereabouts handout is immovable. 18. Discontinuation the reported CPU Frequency mounting of your coat of arms: /root/cpu-freq. Take the Prodigious Pi for a tell on our Raspberry Pi. Dial 1-843-284-6844. PRUDENCE: Always run Prodigious Pi behind a machinery-based firewall with NO Internet haven unveiling to your server. It's your phone invoice. FIRST STEPS: Stick In a 4GB or 16GB SanDisk Genus 4 SDHC be direct into the SDHC hollow out or reader on your PBX in a Before You Can Say «jack Robinson» or Linux server. Then reboot the engine. Download the Prodigious Pi 3.5 tarball and it to a Windows, Mac, or Linux server. Decompress the tarball: tar zxvf incrediblepi — 3.5.tar.gz Measure Against the md5sum fruit for .img download to the included .md5 systematize. Take authorize concordat and run installer: ./make-sdhc or turn-sdhc-mac For Windows fans, use Win32 Disk Imager to generate SD be direct: Shed SDHC be direct, stick in into Raspberry Pi, and boot the server. Latest Fleet Start Chaperon on Nerd Vittles: Prodigious PBX Apps Chaperon, see this article: Bug Fixes and Troubleshooting Tips on PIAF Forum: