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Info about G3 Tweaksbox: <a href=" http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2792242« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2792242</a In Circulation Features: Tinted Bars MOD Tinge pre-eminence bar according to the vim bar Pre-Eminence bar alter ego on apps Bond pre-eminence and steering bar color Pre-Eminence Bar Tweaks Pre-Eminence Bar color Flog pre-eminence bar alter ego on conversant with Battery tweaks(color,assay,flog) Gird Battery(with dues look,color,animations) Pre-Eminence bar icon colors Flog pre-eminence bar icons Shift pre-eminence bars' icon set Clock tweaks(contention,color,look,html,flog) Drayman tweaks(visibility,color,dues primer,dues assay) Brightness changing with sliding the pre-eminence bar Steering Bar Tweaks Steering Bar color Flog steering bar alter ego on conversant with Button colors Button heat color Steering bar assay Button scaling Button dream of vital actions(with many actions and dues timeout) Up to 7 buttons in the steering bar Refund QMemo with Search button Combination Pad Tweaks Up to 5 dues apps Disable ringpad way out Notification Panel Tweaks Dues training for each constituent Dues color for each constituent Options to flog elements Dues app on clock button vital Dues drayman primer Quicksettings Panel Tweaks Dues training Dues toggle color Flog hallmark buttons Add brightness tile Modern Apps Window Tweaks Intent Flog buttons Add Treeless button(AOSP look with a dream of vital way out) Add Ram Bar(with dues colors) Other UI Tweaks Pure notification row customization Pure capacity panel customization Roster overscroll edge/glow colors Calls tweaks Bid Recording Auto Bid Recording Bigger caller envision Set Bid Curriculum Vitae as Negligence Tab Agree To Blasting Suppressing Disable in-bid floating timer Messages tweaks Exclude contacts without phone numbers in messaging app way out New Report scan off way out Broaden beneficiary limit to 100 Increase zoom orbit Add sent yet classify to msg details Dues review color Lockscreen tweaks Agree To QuickUnlock Agree To all brave effects Agree To Rotation Disable drayman primer and icon Use squared icons Flog trepidation info Flog charging info Flog sample something over on someone a stretch Flog swype something over on someone a stretch Flog Thwack encypher something over on someone a stretch and brackets Flog statusbar clock Picture Remaiming Attemps Agree To Outgoing UI Notification tweaks Flog input switcher notification Disable charging plug/unplug notifications Flog dazzling battery notification Flog AC charging notification Flog slow on the uptake charging notification Flog wireless charging notification Flog Quietmode programme notification Flog Battery saver notification Flog Low Battery Dialog Flog Airplane Look Dialog Disable Facts roaming notification and popup Disable organ dispatch notifications Disable organ roaming notification Camera Tweaks Disable Shutter Strong Disable Video Recording Sounds Disable Camera Strong Disable Target Sounds Disable low battery cessation Strong tweaks Disable Safeness HeadSet Capacity Auto Distend Capacity Panel Prance Tracks with capacity Keys More Capacity Steps Disable Capacity close sounds Bond Ringtone and notification capacity LED Tweaks Shift negligence led color for missed bid Shift negligence led color for entering bid Shift negligence led color for missed messages Launcher Tweaks Flog icon labels from the homescreen 8 Hotseat items Dues Grid on homescreen Flog Tabs on App Drawer Flog icon labels from the App Drawer Dues Grid Assay on App Drawer Flog Clock On Launcher Agree To LG Launcher Secret Settings Misc tweaks Agree To All Rotations Freeze-Up rotation to the in circulation one(disable feigned rotation to potrait when you disable auto rotation) Disable Steering Bar More items in powermenu Disable the power menu when contraption is locked Capacity button actions while LCD is listless. Picture Extended Gist Info Disable Overflow menu button Disalbe dazzling-scan keyboard in vista look Agree To Thwack OFF on Steering Bar How To INTRODUCE: 1) Download and introduce Xposed Framework 2) Download and introduce XInstaller module for Xposed using Xposed Framework installer app and agree to it in Xposed, reboot. 3) Using XInstaller module configure it as follows: a: Under placement settings cessation bring credit to oneself: Disable for signature checking b: Under Misc. settings cessation bring credit to oneself: Disable for warrant JAR, warrant signatures 4)Introduce the G3 Tweaksbox apk 3)Treeless G3 TweaksBox and seek mods you like. 4)Reboot 5)Done Cracked by: AnZhi_PiaoFei The column was from the start grabbed from here: <a href=" http://bbs.zhiyoo.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9935739« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://bbs.zhiyoo.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9935739</a