Vincent Van Pup 3992 Released 20 Oct 2013 by starhawk more info at: <a href=" http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=89395« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=89395</a download at: <a href=" http://www.puppylinuxstuff.meownplanet.net/starhawk/« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.puppylinuxstuff.meownplanet.net/starhawk/</a MD5SUM: 6f2f8b52630e0ac6556422b1af363735 Evaluate: 635 MEG Introducing a new Puplet for artists! VINCENT VAN PUP. Vinnie (for interrupt) is rather a bit pudgy -- perhaps I should«ve named it Jabba The Pup -- ah, but there»s nothing Inimitable-Wars-y about it the hump comes from the NASA-esque pantry-expire approximate I took to including things. If it was common-sensical, or could be useful, for an artist -- it was included. Of note, Vinnie is based off of Upup Raring 3992 Non-PAE. It«ll run on basically anything -- including Poulsbo mat! (Well, OK, I wouldn»t want to run it on a Pentium 3 method with 128meg RAM -- see the Plain-Littlest and Recommended-Littlest Method Specs below...) Included in this Puplet are a whole into of applications for creating digital artwork. Wine is in there, which means that if you want to add Adobe«s Ingenious Train or Photoshop or CorelDRAW or whatever, you»re able to do that, right out of the box. I«ve also stuffed in The GIMP, in containerize Photoshop»s outside your budget and Xara Xtreme should substitute adequately for CorelDRAW, for those who like vector illustrations (SVG classification rot, anyone?). There«s also MyPaint, which appears to be a very weighty employment for digital painting -- I»m moderately sure that, given the right drivers and such, you could use it with (for example) a Wacom Drop, and do some VERY great things. It can also be used with a mouse, of course... these are just the tip of the archetypal iceberg; Vinnie's got a TON of rot! Please download Vinnie and let me know how you like him (and how useful he is)! Please also let me know, of course, if you perceive bugs, or would like to plea additional features. KNOWN BUGS -- (!) The 2barks politic effectuate goes off twice at firstboot. This is kind of certain (I made it so that it would go off once at every boot). (!) GNU Tint shows up twice in the «Graphics» fraction of the Puppy Menu. (!) MyPaint shows up twice in the «Graphics» fraction of the Puppy Menu. (?) I did not analysis LightZone, to see if it worked. It«s the only fixation I didn»t agree! PLAIN-LITTLEST METHOD REQUIREMENTS -- I put this together on my ASUS 1000HEB netbook. I«m going to say you don»t want something much slower than that, so... 1.5 GHz Pentium M CPU (Celerons need not address) 1.0 Gig RAM 1024x768 judgement (1024x600 netbook judgement works OKish if you've got compelling eyesight ) RECOMMENDED-LITTLEST METHOD REQUIREMENTS &#151; &#151; 1.6 GHz sole-pith CPU (such as an Intel Atom N270) 2.0 Gig RAM 1280x800 judgement FOUNDATION ISO -- Upup Raring 3992 (NON PAE) -- raring &#151; (sc0ttman's Woofy 0.91 was used to frame this Puplet.) APPLICATIONS REMOVED -- Abiword Get-LibreOffice Gnumeric mtPaint adaptation 3.44.18 (for upgrade purposes) For once I heraldry sinister Seamonkey in there. I still say it«s uglier than improperly groomed chimpanzee hindquarters... but it»s working in a boost. APPLICATIONS ADDED -- AutoAdjustPhoto GUI (idol harmony) Manoeuvre (display software) More Fonts DotPet (for LibreOffice) GIMP 2.8.4 (the GNU Idol Manipulation Program) Google Chrome 26 (browser) [latest ver I could perceive as DotPet] GNU Tint (aka GPaint -- WinXP MSPaint clone) HPLIP Lite (for printing) Java JRE (adaptation 1.7u15) LibreCAD (2D Computer Aided Intentions) [*.deb] LibreOffice 4.1.2 LightLooks 9x Gold JWM Text (from puppy.b0x.me) LightZone (Digital Darkroom) [*.deb] Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.8 (email patron) mtPaint adaptation 3.44.28 (to a certain newer than the in-included adaptation) MyPaint (very weighty digital painting employment) Tango Iconset (from puppy.b0x.me) Wine 1.6 (Wine Is Not an Emulator ) XaraLX Xara Xtreme 0.7r1785 (vector graphics & specimen, with some bitmap brace, from the Puppy Wikka)