from/more at http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=90461 Lucid Puppy Revitalized as! Inventor rerwin stage 2014Jan09 Controlled By About this flow:: Lupu &#151; 528-005 upgraded with just out versions of many components. The general Lucid Puppy has been upgraded with its paramount components brought up to stage. The monogram download locate is: Glass sites(accessory) <a href=" http://shino.pos.to/party/bridge.cgi?puppy/lupu/test/« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://shino.pos.to/party/bridge.cgi?puppy/lupu/test/</a (shinobar) The set of ISO files of comparable r, different only in their internal build. All were created with the «remaster» agency.- The electric cable lupu has everything in the electric cable (lupu_528) SFS register. md5sum: 273f93b0a59236be2f1ce04dd2056786 - lupulibre has LibreOffice and java/jre included in the ample electric cable register, to care into RAM if 1 GB of RAM is installed. md5sum: f352deb2a8a1d001745eb82e0d1b8258 - lupumini has a «zdrv» SFS register so that the electric cable register fits into 256 MB of RAM. md5sum: 14c0aa410fb07180dcfd1bb8872390f9 - lupuplus is lupumini with added SFS files such as LibreOffice, java runtime (jre), devx and seed documentation to be copied to a advantages instatement directory. md5sum: ccc75a2d15c7ced5fb2325d09add9e6c &#151; lupu3hd (3-Headed Dog) is lupu based on linux seed, to verify somewhat newer machinery than does the lupu seed ( md5sum: 19110e9154d70110ea1fcc681a56afb9 - lupusuper (or «sulu») is/are based on kernels 3.x, to verify newer machinery and xz compression. md5sum: 9efcd0c06648269dd7d058f252650a1c (seed from puritanical 5.7.1, which includes analog modem verify) md5sum: 4c150ef6a3988d2d9ad950d929140ec1 (seed from pemasu's dpup wheezy) md5sum: d35cadf89cab0cf6cd7df2050fa34222 (seed from pemasu's upup raring) md5sum: 88746e6c275cfdbef75d984fa8a2e53f The electric cable ISO files will be updated together and will have the same stage-tag in their names. «3hd» and «super» may have later stage-tags because they may be updated more over, due to their being considered theoretical. They take under one's wing the glaring lupu capabilities to newer machinery, but with some imperil of incompatibilities with the newer kernels used. Note that Lucid Pup is not released in the same comportment as other puppy projects. The conception straightforward is frozen at «5.2.8», so that all puppy-electric cable files are named «lupu_528» and will not trigger the reasonable pupsave-update r. To look after the cases where a pet combination has been installed and becomes piece of a later upgrade of lupu, after replacement of the electric cable files in a advantages instatement and consequent after boot-up, a tab is made for packages now included in the electric cable (lupu_528) register. If a fracas is originate, a (pop-up) prompting is made to uninstall the conflicting combination, so as to utilize the new conception in lupu. This essay is endorsed by the originator of Lucid Pup, playdayz, who has committed to take care of the QuickPet prospect of lucid verify and intimate to me in maintaining the essence of Lucid Pup. A big «thank you», playdayz! The adventures of the upgrades made to lupu528-005 to form is here: <a href=" http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=726108#726108« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=726108#726108</a