Wide-Ranging Register Reader v3.0.622.apk

Common Words Reader is a independent eBook perseverance allowing you to pore over EPUB and PDF files. The perseverance comes with smart and narcotic addict-affectionate interface and provides most complacent reading affair for both Android smartphones and tablets. An integrated record browser allows users to pore over any eBook, stored on your instrument. UB Reader opens Adobe DRM protected files in EPUB shape and PDF files. Reading 3.0 Out Now * New narcotic addict interface and UX of the words library * Side bar sailing in the library * Faculties to search in the words library * Faculties to spawn new shelves in the library * Faculties to strain words in the library by denominate, designer or ever of use * Multiple books electing in the library * Roster and grid views in the library * Wide-Ranging words info for each words in the library * Multiple words electing in the library so you can look after guild of books question * Faculties to mean whole folders of books stored locally on the instrument in the words library * Localized in 12 languages — French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Dispose Of, Russian , Simplified Chinese, Swedish. UB Reader Features: * Complacent and intemperate sailing — side flipping with animations, scroll slider to help you get to desired side question, go to side or the tabulation of contents * Smart and narcotic addict-affectionate interface with two different opinion modes in the words library * Customizable reading affair — font largeness and keyboard customization, several reading modes for easier day or sundown reading, brightness altering, training settings for more within easy reach reading, depending on your instrument * Integrated record browser — you can thumb and mean your own EPUB and PDF files from the thought car-card on your instrument * Useful verse search features * Bookmark pages of your determination * Books received as email attachments can be imported to UB Reader from the Advance Showing alternative of the email customer. * Faculties to unfastened EPUB / PDF files from exterior record browsers