Garmin BlueChart g2 View VEU043R Iceland & Faeroe Islands

I WILL ONLY GO TO POT UNTIL WELL SEEDED, SO PLZ KEEP SEEDING! ******************************************************** Garmin BlueChart g2 Scheme VEU043R Iceland & Faeroe Islands v14.00 Unlocked Type: 2012.5 Released: Aug, 2012 On Party: 010-C0780-00 (microSD/SD), 010-D0451-00 (Download) See your vessel’s puritanical, on-design hypothesis in with regard to to navaids, coastal features, restricted areas and more with scanty features start in this complete thalassic mapping evidence. Includes all of the BlueChart® g2 features, plus 3-D position above and below the waterline, Auto Handling, intoxicated-obligation symbolism, and aerial photos of ports, harbors, marinas, landmarks and other points of notice. • Includes rational helmsmanship features showing everything from shaded probingly contours and coastlines to mark soundings, navaids, harbour plans, wrecks, obstructions, intertidal zones, restricted areas, IALA symbols and more. • Features satiny displays, including seamless transitions between zoom levels and more continuity across design boundaries. • Includes intoxicated-obligation assistant symbolism, when overlaid on the design, provides the mariner with a rational regard of the soil and o for matchless situational awareness. • Features aerial “real world” photos of ports, harbors, marinas, waterways, navigational landmarks and other points of notice, contribution the mariner another intoxicated instrument for navigating bizarre unacquainted with waters. • Includes Auto Handling technology that searches design evidence — tides, currents, thalassic services, coastal roads and points of notice — to set forward the best conversion to a stop. • Offers MarinerEye regard 3-D position, providing a bird's eye regard from behind the knockabout showing the design low-down for a precipitate, dependable and credulous hypothesis fix. • Offers FishEye regard 3-D position, providing an underwater regard that visually represents the sea thrash according to the chart's low-down. • Provides Safe Keeping Shading (in compatible units), allowing mariners to agree to contour shading for all probingly contours shallower than purchaser-defined acceptable depths. • Provides Fishing Charts (in compatible units), allowing mariners to compass out davy jones's locker contours and probingly soundings with less visual hodgepodge on the air. • Allows users to conveniently design and institute routes, from your computer, before your freudian slip with HomePort™, compatible freudian slip-planning software (sold independently). Includes complete coverage of all of Iceland including the cities of Reykjavik and Akureyri. Also includes complete coverage of the Faeroe Islands including Stromo, Ostero, Sydero and Bordo Islands. HOW: Just facsimile the Garmin folder to your SD-carte de visite ******************************************************** I WILL ONLY GO TO POT UNTIL WELL SEEDED, SO PLZ KEEP SEEDING!