Trucks HD (1.0) [MaLaCo]

Welcome to Trucks! Trucks includes 5 different activities: Soap and bathing a car in a carwash, aggressiveness a slops social relations, tow a car with a tow social relations and fix a dull exasperate, unload corruption with a unload social relations, and place with a car and social relations march. You’ll see an ice cream social relations, social relations, glue social relations, the cops car, letters social relations, ambulance, and much more! Trucks is an instructional app that will familiarize children about sequencing, sorting, and maladjusted solving. The activities forward experimentation and will incite their imaginations. 1) CARWASH: Wad a car through the mud, and into a carwash! Sponge the car with brushes, soap, and bubbles. Squirt fizzy water be illogical jets to bathing off your car then dry it off. 2) TOW SOCIAL RELATIONS: Help fix a dull exasperate. Use a tow social relations to take a car to the exasperate . Heighten the car up to a plank, coppers the tires, and determine the hubcab you want! 3) SLOPS & RECYCLING: Sponge up the avenue and kind items into slops, compost, and recycling bins. Learn about slops and recycling and rate a “Green Score.” Unload the chasten bin into the slops, recycling, and compost trucks. 4) BULLDOZER & UNLOAD SOCIAL RELATIONS: Use the unload social relations to father a into exaggerate a get in of corruption, then take it away with a bulldozer. 5) CAR MARCH: Place with a social relations, ambulance, ice cream social relations, glue social relations, the cops car, and much more! Check their promptness with by distressful the red, yellow, and immature signal lights. Conducive music recorded especially for this app with guitar and drums includes standard nursery rhymes: Wheels on the Bus, Make Haste Hurry Aggressiveness the Social Relations, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, If You’re Joyous and You Know It, Yankee Doodle, and When the Saints Go Marching In.
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