Adguard for Android (v2.1.267) [Multi] (2015)

Petition Name: Adguard Rostrum: Android Petition Variety: Web Percolate, Anti-Symbol, Anti-Phishing, Firewall and etc. Emancipate Rendezvous: November 03, 2015 Petition Variation: 2.1.267 Dialect: English, German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian and etc. Method requirements: Android 4.0.3 and higher Variety Installer: APK Documentation square footage: 5.10 MB ---------------------------------------------------- About this tide: Adguard — is a lone internet percolate that protects you from the ubiquitous advertising, malware, and phishing sites, online tracking and more. Adguard is really deal with with all kinds of blocking Internet advertising, pages stuff faster with it, it saves bandwidth and enhance the shield of your scheme against possible threats. Adguard uses a lone technology that allows you to percolate the of your scheme, which does not force NOSE-law. The go hell for leather of the percolate will not be phony by the m VPN-server, because it is located right on your scheme. ---------------------------------------------------- Functionality 1. The petition does not force NOSE rights, which means that it can be used extremely on any device; 2. Adguard — the first petition for Android with considerable eminence filtration; 3. Adguard able to shut off all kinds of advertising. Seriously, everything; 4. The petition is really honest, usable and intuitive; 5. Shield against malware and phishing sites. Adguard proscribe downloading potentially precarious applications and files, and will not allow you to become a schlemihl of fraud; 6. Blocking is not only in the browser, but also in games and applications!; 7. The petition speeds up the loading of web pages. Without further elements they display faster; 8. Shield of special facts. Adguard ban tracking your online activities; 9. Adguard — program, thoroughly recognized in the domain. More than 6 million people from different countries use variation for Windows. And Adguard petition for Android works extremely well. ---------------------------------------------------- What's new in variation 2.1.267? 1. [Added] New low-knock down setting «». Allows to metamorphose the schedule of apps for which network filtering is incapacitated. 2. [Rigged] Question with filtering stuck at detecting filtered app. 3. [Rigged] Cannot download documentation larger than 2Gb. 4. [Rigged] [Perilous] Wakelock when there are semi-closed connections. 5. [Rigged] Compatibility question major with My JDownloader. 6. [Rigged] App blast while checking if app is in foreground. 7. [Rigged] Incapacitated update counterfoil for Amazon develop intensify