Vocabulary.com App Cracked From the makers of the reward-triumphant Vocabulary.com website, this app will enlarge your vocabulary with lightning scamper! With its uniquely actual huddle lore structure, the Vocabulary.com app helps you big cheese words through a fun and addictive practise deceit. And it’s powered by the world's smartest, fastest glossary. From the makers of the reward-triumphant Vocabulary.com website, this app will enlarge your vocabulary with lightning scamper! “A unmistakeably addictive app for aspiring wordsmiths.” —Fast Firm “Vocabulary.com reveals the fact about your vocabulary skills and helps you rehabilitate.” —AppAdvice “An addictive huddle-lore app... an approachable glossary and machine.” —TIME IT’S A SYSTEM... Vocabulary.com is a encyclopedic program for lifelong lore of vocabulary, in which each operation is particularly chosen for you. We use worldly algorithms to help you learn more effectively. We start with 120,000 questions that tutor 12,000 words. We use the system of lore to example how you learn (and bear in mind) new words. By comparing your answers to the hundreds of millions of answers given by other Vocabulary.com users, we personalize your lore practice and decide the best impossible for you at just the right pass. ...AND IT’S A PRACTISE DECEIT We’ve turned lore vocabulary into an addictive practise deceit. You may not even that you’re lore along the way. Collect points, achievements and badges. Vie with Vocabulary.com users from throughout the times a deliver. YOU DECIDE... Studying for an exam like the SAT, GRE, or TOEFL? We have learnable lists for you, covering everything from standardized tests to breaking tidings — you name it. Decide from one of our 50,000 psyched up-to-learn lists. Or if you see a huddle in the glossary that you want to learn, just click «learn this word» and we'll tutor it to you. ...OR WE DECIDE Don't have a identified with huddle or shopping list in mind? Let our adaptive lore structure reveal the right huddle for you. Just margin a few questions, and we'll pinpoint the words that are appropriate for your devastate. We won't emptiness your pass on words that are too docile or too unyielding. YOU REHABILITATE Like a angelic train, Vocabulary.com won’t back away from up on you. Whether you pick the words or let us reveal them for you, we’ll profession with you until you've mastered them. And even after you«ve achieved mastery, we»ll extend to strengthen what you have accomplished to get to sure that it all stays untrained in your thought. Next fad you know, you’ll be expanding your vocabulary and improving your communication, a key to star in private school and function. COMPLETELY, A GLOSSARY WITH A EMBODIMENT Our glossary was written for humans, by humans. Look up a huddle, and you’ll announce a matey description that you'll actually bear in mind. It’s as if your favorite don were explaining it to you. We involve agile use tips and thousands of natural-times a deliver example sentences that'll divulge you how words spirited in the little adventurous and will get to you more self-confident about using them yourself. See a huddle you’d like to know better? Tap «Learn this Word» and well add it to your lore program. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING «Vocabulary.com is among the quickest, and most smart ways for students to rehabilitate their vocabulary. Regardless of erudition devastate or age, Vocabulary.com will help big cheese the words that are main to scholarly and function star.» —National Erudition Organization “Educators who are routine with Vocabulary.com are impressed by the technology. It is a motion, they say, that natural push is completely being made in computer-assisted erudition.” —The New York Times “Vocabulary.com could actually get to speaking well untrained again.” —TIME “Vocabulary.com boasts a Web-based dashboard bristling with points, levels, push bars and accomplishment bonuses, among other attractions.” —USA Today
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