NotifierPro Plus v11.1 APK (Android)

With NotifierPro ( Notifier Pro ) you can greatly rehabilitate the way your gubbins displays notifications. This app provides flag notifications for any app installed on your phone. The use: To effort suitably, NotifierPro requires that you prompt the accessibility use «NotifierPro» (accessibility services are currently the only way to handle consumer notifications on the Android OS). You then have to use the «Monitoring» cut up to select which apps should cheer up notifications, and how. Repute bar notifications must be enabled in the monitored apps for the banners to appear suitably. How to use it: Click the notification to organize it Swipe to the right to her walking papers it Swipe to the left side to her walking papers notifications coming from the same app/contact Powerful word: Note that dismissing the notification won’t fire it from the repute bar (the Android OS doesn’t currently allow to manually fire 3rd fete apps notifications from the repute bar). If you use a specially lockscreen app such as MagicLocker or WidgetLocker, or if you use the capital Android 4 ICS lockscreen, banners will register above your lockscreen. As a dereliction, notifications will be enabled for SMS, MMS, missed calls, GMail, Talk, WhatsApp,Trilling, Skype, etc... NotfierPro will apprise you even if you're in a fullscreen app Plus reading: You can set separate settings for each app You have access to 5 exclusives themes You can select the school-book put You can thrash the icon You can select the volume for the flag You can set specially vibration patterns You can select the activity when you do a left side or right swipe on the flag You can disable clicks You can set stationary hours You can use reminders You can use covertness options You can present the get hold of conceive of for any app (theoretical) What's in this reading : (Updated : Aug 6, 2015) New lockscreen present background. The dereliction is the lockscreen will only register when you have new notifications. Unlocking clears lockscreen notifications New icon The app now includes a specially lockscreen Separate action/max lines settings for heads-up fashion and lockscreen fashion New method to impede duplicates Fabric layout. Fabric layout everywhere Bug fixes Required Android O/S : 2.1+