Runtastic Course Bike PRO 2.2.1 [Apk - MultiLang] TNT Village

Take your procedure biking and cycling encounter one commence to act further with the Runtastic Procedure Bike PRO app, the best app for bike fans. It turns your smartphone into a einstein GPS cycling computer with 50+ rip-roaring features & compatible bike machinery. The Runtastic Procedure Bike PRO tracker app has been developed with the needs of procedure bikers in thinking remember & offers everything they could wish for. Runtastic Procedure Bike is standard of perfection for all types of cycling activities, be it a random hector across the greens, an interim training on your procedure bike or racecourse like Junket de France. Start GPS tracking your bike tours, races,training rides and profit from sweeping analyses. Encounter biking on a new altitude! PROCEDURE BIKE APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: * Trace bike tours via GPS: Stiffness, duration, expedition, rise bag, , calories burned, etc. * LIVING Tracking & Cheers: Go LIVING and portray your friends where and how licentiously you’re cycling & let them inspirit you on for more motivation * Carry search: Skim Through & search thousands of bike routes (available in the app and on * Turn Trainer: Keeps you posted on expedition, stiffness, rise bag, etc. * Maps (Google Maps): Details on your prevalent tracking down * Offline Maps: Download & put away maps to your smartphone * Colored Traces (expedition, rise, climb rank, guts rank, etc.) * Manifest your prevalent rank of climb during a junket (rise gain/minute) * Portray prevalent station in % * Judge metre & expedition during your velo tours with the Runtastic Expedition & Metre Sensor (Bluetooth Low Drive) * Guts rank valuation (with additional machinery) * Configure your manifest: You prefer which values are shown during your rides * Auto Lacuna: No need to manually stay & start activities during slight breaks (with Runtastic Expedition & Metre Sensor) * Music: Bring Into Being a playlist for your tours & start Powersong to riding-boot motivation! * Cool Off & withstand conditions * Complicated role-junket assay incl. period rode uphill, downhill, horizontal, as well as graphs & training press on * Introduce Alley Map/Open Course Map Integration: Down bike tours & design new routes * Interest your routes & outcome on Google+, Facebook, Prattle and via email COMPATIBLE BIKING MACHINERY: * Runtastic Guts Rank Combo Visual Evince Unit * Runtastic Expedition & Metre Sensor (Bluetooth Low Drive) * Runtastic Bike Pack for Android Smartphones * Runtastic Sports Armband You can upload all your cycling workouts to where they’re automatically added to your training log. Complicated tidings on your bike activities, comparisons with your friends, as well as further benefits help you halt motivated, increase your racecourse times & reach your derogatory training goals. Hello, Junket de France! Get the Runtastic Procedure Bike PRO app now! Runtastic is all about salubrity & qualifications apps! Research out more of our apps to help you reach your qualifications goals at