My Weekly Budget MyWB

<a href=«» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow»</a My Weekly Budget® (MyWB) lets you woolly on a straightforward spending aim for the contemporaneous week. Focusing week-by-week on keeping within a spending aim helps you muster your budget, and saves you net over patch. When using MyWB regularly, it is submissive to tarry within your means because you are being updated on your spending each patch you buy something. This App is submissive to use and submissive to commiserate with. It is STRAIGHTFORWARD but dynamic. First, set yourself a weekly budget aim. Then offer on your spending with a uniquely straightforward, unalloyed saucy interface and instantly see whether you are convocation your budget. MyWB also shows you how much of your set budget you have at any given day of the week. The objective of this App is to help you in check your spending with least strain. The App is bendable enough to allow you to customize features to counterpart your needs. There is also a agile and submissive way to flick through your spending patterns from before weeks &#151; so you can get a unquestionable conception of where you have been spending your net. At the end of each week, a brief digest for the week is presented showing how well (or badly?!) you have done against your aim. Any net not depleted belch up may be carried over to the next week, so you can comeuppance yourself with higher spending next week! Any net you received (birthday presents, notes-again on a match up of shoes you returned etc.) may also be added to your contemporaneous week's spending aim if you settle upon. MyWB supports your provincial currency and several other intercontinental currencies. You can flaunt the dated form to your precincts a the end, pull together spending in categories as improper or as focused as you want, and includes the privilege to style your own categories to flaunt initialled About this deluge:s of your spending. You can also export your spending report from MyWB by email so you can use it in other applications on your computer. Do you judge net slipping through your fingers? Not conspiratorial where your steely-earned notes goes? Maybe you just need an accessory communiqu to prompt you what you were planning to expend this week? This is the App for you! Features: + Offer On a Weekly Budget for your Spending ++ Settle Upon which day is the first day of your week ++ Preferred the net armorial bearing you use, and your dated form + Swiftly offer on your purchases ++ MyWB keeps alley of your spending natural-patch ++ Point update of how much you have to expend this week + Straightforward, intuitive entrance of each position ++ Automatically records patch of position + Submissive summation of net you have received ++ Such as presents or net-again on returned items + Customize MyWB by adding your own Categories ++ Fashion a Favorites bibliography ++ Swiftly search your Categories + Decrease position report ++ Allows you to counteract errors ++ Input days of yore or purchases &#151; acclimate to the date/time to the counteract values + Conception a week-by-week Narrative of your spending ++ Characterize the bibliography by Dated, Worth, Alphabetically, or even Number almost identical items together + At the end of each week, MyWB reminds you how well you achieved your Budget! + Optionally delight a win-saucy any over-expend or under-expend to the next week ++ Adjusts your spending for next week! + Export report ++ Send the queue by email ++ You can moment this queue to other applications on your computer (e.g. Top, Numbers etc.) <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a for more of my releases and point-blank downloads and streams & for my anime and manga uploads!
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