[+] Colloquy - IRC Shopper | v1.4.2 (Cracked)

This rush contains Colloquy (v1.4.2) by Colloquy Assignment, cracked for the Apple iPhone & iPad. About this rush:: Colloquy for iPad, iPhone and iPod avail oneself of puts the power of the most non-professional IRC patron for the Mac in the palm of your deal out. Built atop the Small Talk Sum framework, Colloquy Movable is a loaded featured patron optimized for the on-the-go endure with iOS multitasking strut. Second To None In Harmony Features:
 — Strut for retina devices, including iPhone 5. 
— Strut for iOS multitasking with neighbouring notifications.
 — Onslaught notifications when using a compatible onslaught bouncer. 
— Opportune agnomen and emoticon finish popups.
 — Strut for all the common IRC commands with finish.
 — Organized Colloquies inspection that shows all your conversations and rooms at a gleam.
 — Highlights messages (and optionally vibrates) when your individual words or agnomen mentioned.
 — Greatly customizable interface and behavior settings within the Settings industry.
 — Built-in browser for clicked links and commands for fast Google, Wikipedia and Amazon searches.
 — Visual pageant of narcotic addict report (WHOIS) for any narcotic addict.
 — Loaded strut for prospect look in the whole industry.
• Stays connected while iPhone is locked and when SMS alerts appear.
• Searchable flat associate rota. 
— Strut for SASL authentication (required when connecting to Freenode over the cubicle network.)
 — A Calm for every ally.
 — Strut for ignoring annoying users. Measure Features:
 — Multiple report styles to elect from.
 — Fully compatible with mIRC colors and formatting. 
— Burly batch of graphical emoticons.
 — Allows you to enrol in multiple small talk rooms across many different servers. 
— Instinctual authentication with network services (NickServ). 
— Notification of common server errors as nonchalantly to apprehend alerts. 
— Automatically enrol in rooms and send commands upon seal.
 — Law-Abiding strut for tight connections over SSL.
• Loaded strut for flat and ally section encodings.
 — Unrestricted minded and Unrestricted outset, like it should be. Changelog: New:
 * Swipe to prompt between rooms
 -- Put pin down b locate swipe to go to the next flat
 -- Two pin down b locate swipe to go to the next dynamic flat
 -- Three pin down b locate swipe to go to the next highlight
 * See small talk when app is backgrounded to salvage your state
 * Tab-model nicknames when using a bluetooth keyboard

 — Waiting between connecting to the server and joining rooms
 — A disaster when editing away statuses
 — A pageant bug where a cease report would musical up in Settings after it was removed Don't consign to oblivion to children! _ ( (( = ___ `- (____))( ---- (____)) _ (____)) (____))____/----