XILS-Lab - polyKB II Musician v2.1.2 OS X [AiR][dada]

XILS-Lab — polyKB II Performer v2.1.2 OS X [AiR][dada] 27.4 MB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPLIER ..: WORK TOGETHER AiR PROTECTION MONEY : MCFACT4+CUSTOM OLD ......: 01/2013 URL........: http://www.xils-lab.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PolyKB II Performer is a fully featured synthesizer. It has eight fully customizable parameters that you can , including ADSR values, Winnow Cut Off and resonance, etc. These parameters can also obtain stacked automation via MIDI CC. In totalling, all of the true in good time always controls already contained in the preset are made available to controllers proffer on the Owner Interface (i.e. the indigenous Mod , After Against Refer To, Velocity, LFO and envelope modulation assignments). PolyKB II Performer ships with the same 250 preset library as the indigenous PolyKB II. It's also fully compatible with the Analog Bags 1 & 2 add-on test banks, as well as 3rd social gathering test sets, giving the owner the capacity to elevate the indigenous library at a very affordable value. All your routine patches are also saved via your hostess, and projects using routine patches are saved with all your edits. Features: Same Hi Trait Test Machine as the PolyKB II. Compatible with PolyKB II Add On Soundbanks. 8 owner selectable parameters can be customized. MIDI Rule Automation of all performer parameters, including the 8 owner selectable parameters. Stacked rule of Arpeggio settings. Stacked rule of Polyphony Settings. On/Off toggle for the 4 effects (If you want to use an visible Temporize for example). On/Off toggle for the Stereo capacity. Selectable rule of effects settings (To assemble suitable the FX to the rifle of your tracks for example). Advanced Preset Browser, which enables you to search a preset with multi -criteria action. Selectable PolyKB II Parameters catalogue: Oscillator 1: Undulate, Motif. Oscillator 2: Undulate, Motif, Pull Down. Winnow: Frequency, Resonance, Overdrive, Keyb Amount, Envelope 2 Amount. Envelope 1&2: Wasting, Degeneration, Preserve, Notice. Skate. Effects: Dry/Wet (Temporize, Chorus, Phaser, EQ). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do not assemble take with this software... Memorialize to BUY the accomplishments if you USE it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tomorrow-dada ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ — 1337x.to — demonoid.ph — fenopy.se — flashtorrents.org ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MMXIV (11)