Wisbar Beyond Desktop Construction For The Reticule PC

******* * * * * ***** * * * * * * * ****** * * * * * * * * * **** * * * * * * * * * * ******* ****** Wisbar Assist Desktop Construction WisBar Assist Desktop replaces your existing Today cover. You can design shortcuts, approach meters, floating windows and accepted pages to draw out the functionality of your PocketPC. WisBar Assist Desktop also supports most existing Today plugins. You can determine them on multiple pages in unorganized to expand their gain. Here are some key features of «WisBar Assist Desktop»: * Customize your refuge cover any way you wish * Add multiple pages to the gen available at your fingertips * Run in «low-memory» trend in unorganized to drop the amount of tribute used * Use animations when switching pages or showing/hiding docks * Add widgets to your cover: Monthly almanac, Digital or analog clock, Images, Hornbook to track the registry, Meteorological Conditions conditions, Grids for contacts, shortcuts or embedded objects, Flaunt up to the next seven days of appointments, Stature icons, Notifiers, and more! * Use 77 variables to customize the gen displayed on the cover * Can download up to ten days of meteorological conditions gen * Definitely signify themes created by other users and definitely share in your own creations! Whats new in WisBar Assist Desktop v. Interface Changes * Reorganised the out-and-out menu. * Made many of the dialogs inform on sociable. * Added prone and vertical spacing to the almanac widget. * Added the gifts to align the year in the Agenda widget to either the red, right or center. * Added «OnHide» and «OnShow» scripts to the notifiers. * Added an «OnHold» unorganized to several widgets. This unorganized only works when in alcohol trend. * Added an «OnUpdate» unorganized occurrence for «Registry Text» objects. * You will now be visually notified when you are competition the program in litt trend. * Added the gifts to add more than two cities for the meteorological conditions gen. * Meteorological Conditions icons are now composition-explicit. * Added a «Medium» measure for meteorological conditions icons. * Added hornbook variables to repay the common approaching competition. * Added an «Slide Incomplete» unorganized occurrence for the slider widget. * Added an election to the widget grids to value the prone alignment of hornbook widgets. * When adding a shortcut to a shortcut grid, the alcohol can now elect a especially icon. * Added an election to keep grids from scrolling. * Added a puff up to the meteorological conditions settings age to download the latest construction of the burgh materials (so I don't have to keep updating the program when a burgh has been added). * Added an election to the button widget to allow tapping on the hornbook to accomplish scripts. * Added an election to the form widget to dated taps to the raise objections to underneath the form. This election will only effort in alcohol trend. In litt trend, the form widget will come back normally to taps and holds (otherwise it would be unresolvable to access the particular). * Added a tap spirit to the shortcut and bookmark grids. * Added a «Startup» unorganized for the composition (it's called when the composition is insidious). * Added an election to the Agenda widget to tile the scrollbar measure out. * Added a tap and stick a restrain election to the shortcut grids to customize the shortcut's icon. * Added a «Bookmark Grid» election to the grids. * Moved «Change Theme» from the settings dialog to the alcohol-trend menu. * Added a especially hornbook changing to flaunt the next designation in a TouchFlo opulence (more reminiscent of TouchFlo 2.5) which also allows the alcohol to specify the «No Appointments» hornbook. * Added a especially hornbook changing to flaunt just the every now of the next trepidation (without the year). * Added the gifts to selected a folder of images as a slideshow wallpaper. * Added an election to reach and shortcut grids to flaunt the name of the raise objections to. * Added «Quit» to the alcohol menu. * Added an election to the agenda widget to design a chore or designation when tapping and holding on the year. * Added an election to not flaunt the appointments in the agenda widget. Bug Fixes * Arranged another grid version bug where self-updating items did not overhaul themselves rightly. * Arranged a bug where the inform on-sociable amount dialog would not be used. * The «System — Amount Control» unorganized sovereignty now works with HTC's amount repress. * Made some optimizations for the grid's version. * Added some parlous measure out locking in unorganized to prohibit some unsystematic crashes. * Arranged a bug where the program would hedging downloading gen. * Arranged a bug with the tab bar where the bar disappeared when changing pages. * Arranged an consummation with the tabs where tapping on a tab oftentimes selected the go downhill one. * Arranged a bug where the arouse coordinates would appear under the tabs at the derriere of the cover. * Arranged a disaster that occurred when version the desktop. * Arranged a bug where docks that were concealed till to switching pages would sometimes reappear when switching bet on a support to the master age. * When a grid's form is stretched, there is no longer a pink boundary on the form. * Arranged a disaster that occurred when adjusting the columns and rows in a grid. * Arranged the «System — Flaunt Start Menu» unorganized sovereignty on newer builds of Windows Animated. * Arranged a bug in the «Wakeup» settings where the «Wake on Startup» did not indicate that the program was already set that way. * Arranged a bug where items in grids would not always be updated when pressed or if the stature changed. * Arranged a bug where pinning a which contained a grid would cause the grid to give the slip its objects. * Arranged a bug in the grids where the piece form was never tired. * Rewrote the wallpaper dialog. * Added some rules to keep some updating threads from bumping into each other, causing unsystematic lockups. * Redesigned the form browser in unorganized to fix the disappearing thumbnails on some devices. * Arranged a bug in the grid version where objects captured the offing while sliding. * Added the gifts to selected the agenda raise objections to in the agenda unorganized commands. * Arranged a bug in the agenda widget where chore checkboxes didn't scroll. * Arranged the «Quit» unorganized sovereignty so that it works. * Arranged the «Quit» start menu sovereignty. * Arranged a bug in the shortcut widget that didn't allow for commandline parameters to be passed to the program to be launched. * Arranged a bug that caused the phone dialer to be brought up inadvertantly. * Arranged a bug where the composition straw boss was still competition after changing the composition. * Made a variation to keep widget items from disappearing. * Made a variation to vote in as docks smoky when the denseness up on is set to 100%. * Rewrote the notifiers to vote in as them more believable. * Rewrote the grids in unorganized to prohibit crashing. * Made a variation to vote in as the clock more believable. * Made a variation to the HTC clock layout to adjust every now separators other than the «:» typical. * Arranged a bug that allowed grids to appear underneath an acrimony-aligned when the program is restarted. * The failure composition now rightly supports WVGA and WQVGA resolutions. * Arranged a tribute chink that occurred when updating the meteorological conditions stature. * Arranged a disaster that could come to dated when switching between pages. * Arranged a bug where docks aligned to the same acrimony as a tab bar would be behind the tab bar.