WisBar Advanced Desktop Rendition. For The Take PC

. ******* * * * * ***** * * * * * * * ****** * * * * * * * * * **** * * * * * * * * * * ******* ****** WisBar Advanced Desktop Variant. (2.1b) WisBar Headway Desktop replaces your existing Today cull. Using WisBar Headway Desktop, you can bring into being shortcuts, methodology meters, floating windows and essential pages to keep up the functionality of your PocketPC What is new: * Rigged a bug where the «Notifications Cleared» design was extinct. * Rigged several issues linked to the «Slider» goal. * Rigged a bug where the enhanced meters would not ostentation the natural value for the «Used» storage spaciousness. * Rigged a frost that occurred when loading a composition. * Rigged a bug where the tab bar would not be reloaded when switching cull orientations. * Rigged a bug where the program could fall when the contrivance has woken up. * Changed the registry key where the in olden days browsed paths were stored. * Rigged a bug where notifiers in the tab bar weren«t fatigued in the right getting one»s hands. * Rigged a bug where the opportunity to camouflage tabs wasn't being remembered. * Rigged a bug the labels in the stature icon would not update correctly when the loudness stature was selected. * Rigged a bug where the loudness stature icon would yield the judder typical example. * Rigged a bug where the meteorological conditions icons were not updating correctly. New Features: * Added an opportunity to sharp out all of the tab bar tabs with a individual button. * Added an opportunity to specify the directory of the make a move-buddy-buddy loudness handle decorticate. * Added an opportunity to shamble to whip pages, alike resemble to the iPhone. This is set on a point-by-point footing. Also, it will override any drop gestures defined on that point. * Added the gift to specify what pages are used for the prior and next pages for each point. This will be used in the «Next Page» and «Previous Page» commands. * Added an opportunity to align items in a grid on a vertical put instead of always being aligned to the .