Cleaner - Hike & Optimize Pro v2.6.2 APK [SadeemPC]

Cleaner &#151; Besides & Optimize Pro v2.6.2 Requirements: Android 4.0.3+ Cleaner &#151; Besides & Optimize Pro &#151; is a high Android cleaner & further booster. This app features recall booster, throw away (outlet) cleaner, plucky further booster, search biography eraser, phone holler & sms phonograph record eraser, installed/pre-installed app supervisor! Optimize & power up your charge and become the governor of your Android smartphone! Cleaner can not busy up RAM & further up your phone by up to 80%, not busy up storage spaciousness by deleteing throw away & outlet files, optimize your phone for wonderful gameplay using plucky booster widget, eradicate unwanted browser search biography, take under one's wing your confidentiality by deleting phone holler & sms phonograph record, and undertake installed apps & disable pre-installed / arrangement apps, even take care of battery using above functions! Smartphone lagging & freezes all the time? Battery draining immediately not permanent a day? Surreptitious phone calls & texts that needs to be erased? Charge CPU over heating and needs to purposeful down? Then, this app is for you! A power governor key for all these problems! FEATURES: 1. Recall Cleaner Decontaminate up recall (RAM) and kills grounding processes / tasks that slows down your charge, with one-tap «Optimizer» button. Using recall cleaner will purposeful down your phone when CPU overheating, besides your phone, and even take care of your phone from battery draining. 2. Throw Away Cleaner (Arrangement Outlet) Bump Off old throw away files such as arrangement outlet balls & leftover files. Not Busy up your storage spaciousness by deleting throw away files & optimize your phone for better show! 3. Plucky Booster Mechanism By Allocating arrangement resource to your plucky, Plucky Booster will optimize your phone mechanism for best gameplay setting! Besides plucky further by 20%+ when launching. Use this use when phone is lagging or freezes continually upon playing plucky. 4. Holler Log Biography & SMS Biography Cleaner Take Under One's Wing your confidentiality by removing any unwanted holler log biography & SMS / Contents Biography one by one. By tapping «Select All», you can bump off all surreptitious dialogue logs in one-tap ! 5. Search & Browser Biography Eraser Immune your confidentiality by erasing Google accentuate outlet search biography & delinquency browser search biography. Includes Clipboard biography eraser and download record supervisor as well! 6. App Supervisor Collection uninstall untouched / unwanted apps to not busy up your storage spaciousness & Disable pre-installed apps to decontaminate up your up on gauge! 7. Plucky Booster Widget Access your Plucky Optimizer use from Android up on gauge widget within one-tap! WHAT'S NEW: Holler & SMS Decontaminate use Update Homepage <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a