Inducement Facile Antivirus App v3.5.7 APK [SadeemPC].zip

Bonus Non-Stationary Antivirus App v3.5.7 Requirements: Android 4.0+ With just an tolerant 1-heyday payment tie over 15,000,000 people who have already installed Trustlook Non-Stationary Custody & Antivirus! Trustlook Non-Stationary Custody & Antivirus Pro Get bonus, rounded out-featured and ad-free extortion from malware, malicious viruses, spyware, trojans, phishing attempts and even unsecure web surfing. Other features encompass text backup and return, SD Be Direct scanning, understand my phone and ID Balk, bringing you a fully featured Android non-stationary custody result. Highlights of Trustlook Non-Stationary Custody & Antivirus Pro: &#151; New payment app extortion gives you trust in e-marketing &#151; Read Over apps, settings, files & media with the #1 antivirus motor by AVTEST &#151; Thwart phishing and inapplicable websites to keep kids &#151; Find/Lock/Wipe your damned / stolen phone via Google Maps™ &#151; Raise your phone by enervating tasks that dry-as-dust your will &#151; Disown up your perilous text and return it on new phone &#151; Read Over your SD Be Direct to understand any additional custody issues &#151; Keep your agreement with ID Balk &#151; No ads In perspicacity look at the features of Trustlook Non-Stationary Custody & Antivirus Pro: &#151; Payment Extortion Bring To Light vulnerabilities in thousands non-stationary payment apps, including online banking and e-marketing apps. Trustlook's Payment Custody stress warns you of precarious payment apps, and recommends those that are conservative. &#151; Antivirus/Anti-spyware Read Over and unfasten viruses, malware, spyware and trojans. Reference and vulnerability detection for perilous exploits such as Heartbleed, FakeID, Retreat D and Shellshock. &#151; Haste Raise & Respect Cleaning Take Someone's Life tasks that dry-as-dust your phone to raise phone scene with one plain click &#151; Text Backup & Return Disown up your perilous text including contacts, invite logs and SMS messages and return them to your other devices &#151; Lay Phone and Anti-Swiping Lay and distress your damned phone. Understand your damned or stolen will by boxing ring or distress, and shoot your will even in tacit rage or at nightfall. &#151; SD Be Direct Read Over Scan your respect be direct for viruses, malware, spyware, or other non-stationary threats &#151; ID Balk Support conservative by being alerted if you are a injured party of a text gulf &#151; Web Pleased Custody Safeguard conservative browsing that protects you from malicious or phishing websites that tummler spyware, adware or of age pleased WHAT'S NEW: 3.5.7: &#151; Fix for «white screen» outlet &#151; Fix for the problems with «Antivirus Motor Initialization» Homepage <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a