DAZ3D - Gash Makeup Artist Iray for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Injury Makeup Artist Iray for Genesis 3 Female is a agitate-round of layered wounds in Geometry Outside composition optimized for the Iray deliver locomotive in Daz Studio. Each outside has a different reticulation countervail so multiple wounds can be rendered in Daz Studio Iray without problems. Also the exterior setup of each injury have been optimized to take benefit of Iray's renderer. Geometry Shells are second skins so it makes this outcome UV nonconformist. Especially useful on Daz Genesis 3 figures that are characterized by a multiplicity of different UVs. This means this outcome is compatible with every Genesis 3 Female characteristic untypical like Victoria 7, Gia 7, Eva 7, Olympia 7, etc. as well as any tomorrow's Daz Genesis 3 female based released characteristic untypical or morph from Daz or any vendor. (Excluding geografts.) The injury effects positions are controlled straight away in the second hide (geometry shells) by exterior parameters. This means you don't need to pierce multiple times into the layered reification compiler to take off for the location of a injury in a cumbersome 2D structure map, now you can interactively skid its place straight away in the characteristic untypical hide by using the LEVEL COUNTERVAIL and VERTICAL COUNTERVAIL sliders of the outside in the Exterior Tab. This makes the perfect positioning of wounds much faster and precise. Geometry Outside Wounds are stacked as children of your concede in the Participate Tab so you can toggle on and off visibility of effects and choose wounds straight away on the participate tab. It also means you don't flattening of complex injury compositions as it happened in the Layered Reification Compiler. Exchange your characteristic untypical a injure in the mask for a hard look, put a bullet injury in his arm, an initiate injury in his leg where an contender arrow has hit, a scar in his trunk where a sword has grazed or burned hide where dragon energy hit. You supervision your wounded participate by having the faculties to estate your wounds in the precise spatter where you need it. Bruised lips, agitate marks, bloodied teeth, threatening eyes, scars, scratches,abrasions, several hide bruises, blood options and even unabridged essentials injury cuts in several stages. Creativity without limits through a genial made library of injury geometry shells that you can re-place on the fly sliding them across your characteristic untypical hide using parameter sliders! What's Included and Features 129 Injury Makeup Artist Geometry Shells for Iray (.DUF) 5 Multiple surfaces Injury Effects: Cuts Arms and Legs Cuts Arms and Legs Blood Cuts Unabridged Essentials Cuts Unabridged Essentials Blood Teeth Bloody 35 Arms Blood, Mark, Scratches and Other Wounds 32 Mask Blood, Mark, Scratches and Other Wounds 21 Legs Blood, Mark, Scratches and Other Wounds 36 Torso Blood, Mark, Scratches and Other Wounds 1 Inclusive Owner Shepherd (.PDF) Textures Allow For: 453 Structure, and Knock Against Maps (4096 x 4096) Daz Studio Iray Tangible Presets (.DUF) Images: <a href=" http://www.daz3d.com/wound-makeup-artist-iray-for-genesis — 3-female-s« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.daz3d.com/wound-makeup-artist-iray-for-genesis &#151; 3-female-s</a