DAZ3D - Branch Fiction Restraints Iray

Whether your characters have been arrested by our automaton overlords, seized for dissent in a dystopian intercourse, or captured as rebels by an ruinous Empire, you«re going to need a way to keep those miscreants under equanimity! In this set you»ll lay one's hands on collars and cuffs both velvety and chunky for different Sci-Fi scenarios, plus some cords and a sincere bio-tank for your more remarkable experiments! What's Included and Features Technique Fiction Restraints Wearable Presets: (.DUF) Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 3 Manly Versions Available for Each Preset SYSFR All Octagonal SYSFR All Readout SYSFR All Uniform SYSFR Connected Mitts SYSFR Cylinder Metal Cords SYSFR Cylinder Multi Cords SYSFR Lightning Elevate 01 SYSFR Lightning Elevate 02 SYSFR Lightning Mitts And Collar Technique Fiction Restraints Props: (.DUF) SYSFR Cone Restraints SYSFR Containment Cylinder SYSFR Lightning Collar SYSFR Lightning Elevate SYSFR Lightning Mitt SYSFR Metal Rope Lengthy SYSFR Metal Rope Deficient Rare SYSFR Multi Rope Lengthy SYSFR Multi Rope Deficient Rare SYSFR Octagonal Collar SYSFR Octagonal Restraints SYSFR Readout Collar SYSFR Readout Cuffs SYSFR Uniform Collar SYSFR Uniform Cuff Poses: (.DUF) Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 3 Manly Versions Available for Each Act SYSFR 01 Feet Miniature For Lightning SYSFR 01 Act For Lightning Elevate SYSFR 01 Act Hands For Connected Mitts SYSFR 01 Act Hands For Lightning Mitts SYSFR 01 Act Hands For Octo Cuffs SYSFR 01 Act Hands For Readout Cuffs SYSFR 01 Act Hands For Uniform Cuffs SYSFR Loudness Tank SYSFR Act For Cylinder 01 SYSFR Act For Cylinder 02 Iray Means Options: SYSFR Containment Cylinder 01 SYSFR Containment Cylinder 02 SYSFR Containment Cylinder Apprehensible Solvent SYSFR Containment Cylinder Cloudy Solvent SYSFR Containment Cylinder Fog SYSFR Containment Cylinder Spyglass Only SYSFR Metal Rope 01 SYSFR Metal Rope 02 SYSFR Multi Rope SYSFR Lightning Collar 01 SYSFR Lightning Collar 02 SYSFR Lightning Elevate 01 SYSFR Lightning Elevate 02 SYSFR Lightning Elevate Show SYSFR Lightning Mitt 01 SYSFR Lightning Mitt 02 SYSFR Lightning Mitt Bloom Setting SYSFR Lightning OFF SYSFR Octagonal Collar 01 SYSFR Octagonal Collar 02 SYSFR Octagonal Restraints 01 SYSFR Octagonal Restraints 02 SYSFR Octagonal Camouflage Wicked SYSFR Octagonal Camouflage Readout SYSFR Octagonal Camouflage Dead White SYSFR Cone Cuffs 01 SYSFR Cone Cuffs 02 SYSFR Cone Cuffs Lights 01 SYSFR Cone Cuffs Lights 02 SYSFR Readout Collar 01 SYSFR Readout Collar 02 SYSFR Readout Cuffs 01 SYSFR Readout Cuffs 02 SYSFR Readout Cuffs SYSFR Readout Show 01 SYSFR Readout Show 02 SYSFR Readout Show 03 SYSFR Readout Show 04 Uniform 01 Uniform 02 Textures Incorporate: 85 Nature, Do In, Regular and Specular Maps (1024 x 1024 to 3072 x 3072) Daz Studio Iray Means Presets (.DUF) Images: <a href=" http://www.daz3d.com/science-fiction-restraints-iray« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.daz3d.com/science-fiction-restraints-iray</a