Cleaner - Run Booster Pro v2.0.3 APK (Android)

Suppress your battery compensatory skills & phone precipitousness booster skills away! This app has Thought Cleaner, Scrap Cleaner, Meet Precipitousness booster, completely up search biography, ring up & sms biography, and away survive preinstalled & installed apps! If decently used, this app can precipitousness help your phone go lot faster & retain battery with one-regard buttons. This app is Bloody Leisurely. 7 in 1 Toolbox Mix App! – Thought Cleaner(i.e.App Killer/Task Lallapalooza), Cleaner(i.e. Scrap Cleaner), Meet Precipitousness Booster, Search Biography Cleaner, Ring Up & SMS Biography Cleaner, Meet Booster Widget, and App Uninstaller. 7 Features but it's still VERY LEISURELY TO USE! Download this app/widget, become a suppress of Android Precipitousness Booster! FEATURES ★-- — 1. Thought Cleaner (i.e.Stint Lallapalooza)---★ ✓ Cleans up Thought, Kills tasks with bloody naked one-regard «Optimize» button to retain forcefulness! Recommended to alcohol thought cleaner every day at least once. ✓ Indicates thought completely even for before / after. Espouse your phone from ooze! ★-- — 2. Meet Precipitousness Booster---★ ✓ By allocating correct thought interval to your meet before launching, your Phone will be optimized for your any desired meet! ✓ By Common, 20% Precipitousness Further in your Meet! ★-- — 3. Completely (i.e. Scrap Cleaner) ---★ ✓ Completely up your Files for bettery Phone Effectuation & Disk Interval! ✓ Leisurely one-regard «»Optimize«» button to Completely-up. ★-- — 4. Search Biography Cleaner---★ ✓ Pure your Google Challenge Search Hisotry & Browser biography ✓ Downloaded files chief included as well to erase all files. ★-- — 5. Ring Up & SMS Biography Cleaner---★ ✓ Pure any desired Ring Up & SMS/Text Biography one by one ✓ By tapping «»Select All«», you can erase all Ring Up & SMS/Text Biography in one-tap. ★-- — 6. Meet Booster Widget---★ ✓ Access your Meet Booster Use from Territory shelter Widget ★-- — 7. Germaneness Uninstaller---★ ✓ Germaneness chief included — Survive your Pre-installed Apps as well. ✓ Pack disable & uninstall enabled. Use Cleaner Suppress Precipitousness Booster Pro!’s thought cleaner looks and precipitousness booster looks to retain your Android Battery and guess the nature in your Android Precipitousness! What's new in this type : Pulldown widget added ! ( You can convert it OFF from Settings ), Bug Fix, APK downsizing Lay Purpose & Use Pass & Effectuation Optimized Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+