AppDialer Pro T9 finder v6.8 APK (Android)

This stunning T9 launcher is built for power users like you! Keep the bore and trouble of going through hundreds of apps or contacts and set aside what you’re looking for in just a few taps! Features: Aware: Search using a predictive keyboard with auto emendation or use the chic one tender numpad. Potent: Search apps by name or wrap name. Search contacts by name or use the dialer to search via phone handful. Nearby: Set Aside search/launch news in the notification courtyard for close on access to your most used apps. Intimate: The advanced augury algorithm uses your practice news to present operator signed results for you. Predictive: The more you use the app search and dialer, the more advanced it becomes. Here’s what our users say: Most effectual way to set aside and contribute apps! Best sometimes frugality app Set Aside contacts wonderful on the double. AppDialer can smartly foretoken curtail search terms. You’ll never have to brush the app drawer again! Wonderful! Close On, chic and authoritatively useful. Pro features are an exceptional ell for the wampum. Replaced my capital app drawer a elongated sometimes ago. Android doesn’t the feeling the same without it. This app makes one tender use not just feasible, but even more nearby! Pro features: Included widget to access the search from the national camouflage for close on access and convenience. Various settings to further handle apps/contacts. Icon rucksack submit to for chic personalization and semblance. With AppDialer you can improve elementary access to your apps and contacts using just one tender! Search can be done via a predictive keyboard or a numpad. The specious widgets consign you a shortcut to features unalloyed from the national camouflage. One shiftless swipe via the Google Now indicate is all it takes to use AppDialer so you’ll never have to trawl through dozens of apps or contacts again. The predictive algorithm and exclusively designed qwerty keyboard and one tender dialer amount to search nearby and aware. It’s simpler, faster and more nearby than Shiftless Swipe, App Swap, T9 or any other launcher. AppDialer can flatly renew the need for the app drawer! The capital Android app control has never been nearby. Keep the hassle and try AppDialer today. You’ll be surprised at how much more effectual your day to day lifetime can be with an app like this. This app beyond beats other competitors — if you’re a fan of T9 you’ll honey AppDialer to pieces. What's in this kind : Manifest status/nav bars on Lollipop+ Use new close on evidence storage lib Required Android O/S : 4.0.3+