Photocracker PRO -Photo Collector v1.1.1 APK (Android)

✔ With Photocracker you can pat all photo tasks! ✔ All-in-one functionality with a membrane strain camera, collages, photo editing, snapshot, and photo frames ✔ Photocracker can use filters and templates that will be updated constantly for unfettered ✔ You can definitely stake photos edited in Photocracker with other people. 1. Collage Elucidate everything with the collage functionality when you want to mingle several photos and redecorate them New Photo Collage!! Photocracker boasts a new photo collage that overcomes the shortcomings of existing collages! ▶ Self-Direction to start, wince, and zoom in photos ▶ Amply alter collage frames ▶ Lead edge colors, thickness and form ▶ Show A Preference For photos with filters and redecorate them with stickers ▶ You can use chamber phone gallery photos as the credentials ▶ Download various credentials images and patterns for unfettered 2. Membrane Strain Camera With just Photocracker Membrane Strain Camera anyone can take portfolio pictures. With Photocracker«s sincere-yet membrane strain all you need to do is thumb one»s nose at when you want!! Show A Preference For the filters you want from run-of-the-mill filters, art filters and trivialize filters. Portfolio pictures are created as soon as you zap. With just Photocracker, anyone can become a qualified photographer. ▶ You can make good portfolio pictures by applying various art filters, and trivialize filters. ▶ You can download various filters that are newly registered for unfettered. ▶ Various functions such as a inactive camera, zoom-in, zoom-out and self-timer. ▶ You can redecorate photos with the photo columnist that you have taken and stake them with other people. 3. Photo Columnist Redecorate your photos with stickers, add your own communiqu and send as gifts to your friends~ With the Photocracker app, you can add a heterogeneity of decorations to photos and stake them with other people. ▶Edit in various ways with functions including the photo filters, decorator, frames, rotation, dastardly and ghostly, amendment, cropping, and out-focusing ▶ Various frames provided including crop, forge and current with even patent stickers ▶ You can download newly-registered stickers and frames for unfettered. 4. Photo Easter Practical Joker Add pictures to your pensive messages and send to those you are thankful for. You can send one-of-a-honest photo cards as gifts. ▶ Various easter practical joker templates provided ▶ You can use easter practical joker templates that are newly-registered with unfettered downloads ▶ Stake your completed cards definitely with other people 5. Photo Originate You can shop your treasured photos by putting them in a gala originate. Show A Preference For the originate you want and insertion a photo that looks honest and your originate is terminated! ▶ Offers various frames ▶ Clutch your photos from SNS and redecorate them ▶ You can spectacularly redecorate frames with filters and various stickers. ▶ Stake edited frames with your friends~ 6. Snapshot Grant your to friends by article messages~ ▶ Various originate templates are provided. ▶ Redecorate photos with various fonts with the font update. ▶ You can download various originate templates that are newly-registered for unfettered What's new in this form : (Updated : Jul 26, 2015) Bug Fixes Required Android O/S : 3.0+