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escription Demo TV Video Receiver Fare: New channels: -CNN -Flute 5 -COLLEGE BASKETBALL -COLLEGE FOOTBALL and many more. Supranational:BBC,CNN, FRANCE 24, RTP 1 2 and 3,FOX INTELLIGENCE, SHAPE TV, Eurosport 1 and 2, Euronews (5 languages​​), Azteca, Televisa, Canal 13 HD, Chilevision and many more, in absolute more than 350 channels! If you want, you also have the type for iPad «TV Video Receiver HD». VIDEO RECEIVER, the best diligence on the stock exchange to make eyes at look for TV from your iPod, iPhone or iPhone. — Over 350 channels in over 30 countries. — Inevitable Update flute. — Diligence with an discerning conceive, to do what you like, make eyes at look for TV without losing spot of your favorite flute. — Very serenely to use, including bolster if you have questions. — Constantly updated with the most channels in each provinces. — Soon available with AirPlay so you can upon movies and games on your TV. — Includes «FastLoad» tightly loading video. — Includes «Time Shift» (power hesitate and then viewing the flute) — Airplay (now you see all the channels on your tv) Examination the to be to come of video receiver and see the unlikeness with other applications! Channels available for the following countries: Unified States, Unified Area, Unified Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Turkey, Thailand, Spain, South Korea, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Rumania, Qatar, Portugal, Poland, Pakistan, Normandy, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Mexico Libya, Japan, Italy, Iraq, Iran, India, Honduras, Germany, France, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, China, Chile, Brazil, Austria, Argentina, Latin America, Albania, Africa. Tell us what channels are missing and we will tabulate them speedily. Your idea is very foremost! It requires drag relatives to broadband Internet. The representative dignity and purchaser sophistication can fluctuate depending on the Wi-Fi or 3G Internet provider. Maybe the video receiver what is not outflow because they have fare internet broadcasting rights. Please note that TV is fare and there are some channels that have a few seconds gap, there are also cases in which the owners of the concatenation incontrovertible to outflow sequester programming on agreed TV through the Internet and obligation advertisements. All channels included in the diligence can be establish for unasked for on Internet, what we've done all and produce them together in a imagined diligence for an beyond belief appraisal. All logos and images presented in the diligence are the holdings of their pertinent owners, we advise all owners of the pertinent channels to appreciation that the significant offered by the diligence is out of our servers. Please, if you have any questions, concerns or problems regarding any law, go to the entities claiming the servers mentioned above. Motorized TV consumes a bountiful amount of details per hour. If you do not have a spiritless chew out or loudness of Internet details in the continually of diligence use exceeds the limit assigned by your Internet navy provider or motorized, you may have to pay additional costs so we commend to consult before sustained the diligence to your Internet provider to circumvent unwanted bills. What's new in Type 1.2.1 -Now! Available for IOS 4.0 or higher -Better show on some channels -We add new channels every day. Just ask you a decisive discuss for this occupation going. Greetings and thank you all for your bolster. ... Register More