Adguard for Android (v2.7.220) [Multi] (2016)

Effort Name: Adguard Podium: Android Effort Kidney: Web Separate, Anti-Banderole, Anti-Phishing, Firewall and etc. Freedom Day: August 11, 2016 Effort Interpretation: 2.7.220 Speech: English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and etc. Technique requirements: Android 4.0.3 and higher Kidney Installer: APK Row gauge: 7.48 MB ---------------------------------------------------- About this effusion: Adguard — is a unsurpassed internet separate that protects you from the ubiquitous advertising, malware, and phishing sites, online tracking and more. Adguard is really contend with with all kinds of soul blocking Internet advertising, pages onus faster with it, it saves bandwidth and inflate the preservation of your utensil against possible threats. Adguard uses a unsurpassed technology that allows you to separate the shipping of your utensil, which does not insist DELVE-law. The further of the separate will not be bogus by the industry VPN-server, because it is located right on your utensil. ---------------------------------------------------- Functionality 1. The effort does not insist DELVE rights, which means that it can be used unmistakably on any device; 2. Adguard — the first effort for Android with favourable importance filtration; 3. Adguard able to screen all kinds of advertising. Seriously, everything; 4. The effort is really basic, usable and intuitive; 5. Preservation against malware and phishing sites. Adguard check downloading potentially threatening applications and files, and will not allow you to become a schlemiel of fraud; 6. Blocking is not only in the browser, but also in games and applications!; 7. The effort speeds up the loading of web pages. Without further elements they revealed faster; 8. Preservation of familiar observations. Adguard ban tracking your online activities; 9. Adguard — program, greatly recognized in the in the seventh heaven. More than 6 million people from different countries use interpretation for Windows. And Adguard effort for Android works unmistakably well. ---------------------------------------------------- What's new in interpretation 2.7.220? 1. [Added] «Apps & Statistics» settings portion. 2. [Added] An opportunity to skim through for a row to importance operator separate. 3. [Added] A notification to impart operator of expiring permit. 4. [Added] New localizations: Slovak & Norwegian Bokmål. 5. [Changed] Non-Functioning vibration and look for Adguard notifications. 6. [Changed] Instead of stopping preservation on settings metamorphosis, a darling report is showed. 7. [Changed] When operator changes neglect firewall settings, ask him if he wants to reset per-app settings. 8. [Changed] Screened notification when VPN is revoked. 9. [Changed] Adguard now counts DNS shipping towards a specialized «virtual» wrap named «DNS». 10. [Changed] Made some infant UI enhancements. 11. [Resolved] Adguard closes if you swipe it with «No icon» notification environs. 12. [Resolved] An egress with Samsung’s buggy firmware (messed notification sounds). 13. [Improved] Scant features About this effusion:. 14. [Improved] UI accessibility for a visually impaired users. 15. [Added] $app modifier. 16. [Resolved] Feel if app targets Android N. 17. [Added] RoList separate to the record of supported filters. 18. [Changed] Several browsers were added to the record of filtered by neglect. 19. [Resolved] Disabling filtering for «Android OS» now fully excludes OS packages from the VPN. 20. [Improved] Added fortify for the :trend pseudo order syntax. ...and etc