Yamicsoft Windows 10 Forewoman 1.1.7 - 23 August 2016 - GKanudo

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Executive 1.1.7 - Latest — 23 August 2016 Windows 10 Executive is a pattern utility that helps you optimize, , servicing and purify up Windows 10. It will enlarge your pattern fly, eradicate pattern blame, promote pattern fastness, and stumble on all of your expectations.Windows 10 Executive is a pattern utility that helps you optimize, , servicing and purify up Windows 10. It will enlarge your pattern fly, eradicate pattern blame, promote pattern fastness, and stumble on all of your expectations. Why Should I use Windows 10 Manager? Windows 10 is the newest Operating Pattern for snug harbor a comfortable users and professionals similarly. Windows 10 brings unambiguousness to your times a deliver, so you can more safely and clearly end inferior tasks and instantly command what you want on your PC. Windows 10 Executive is the strong software gismo to and optimize your Windows 10, it bundles more than 30 different utilities in one and help your pattern faster and more immutable, unthreatened and particular! Features and Benefits of Windows 10 Executive Data: Get complete pattern and all armaments data on your system; help you command out the fitting key of Windows, Aid products; direct all complete data of game processes and threads on your machine; Windows 10 Executive offers 1-clicking Cleaner cleans your pattern automatically; Servicing Center helps you to fix various pattern problems. Optimizer: your pattern to promote windows startup and shutdown fly, your armaments to enlarge pattern fly and performance; Command what is started on Windows startup, check into and servicing the advanced starup items to re-establish the malicious mutate by viruses; up and optimize pattern services and Test Of Strength List, bring off b depend on off smartly some unrequired pattern services and tasks to promote pattern conduct. Cleaner: Command out which files or folders engross your disk wait and shown with chart; Apt Uninstaller can fully cross out programs from your pattern without spare files and Registry entries; Command and purify discard files to enlarge Despotic Disk space; Twin Files Finder can research your computer for files with the same area, name and modification time; Registry Cleaner checks and servicing incorrectly linked Registry entries; Registry Defrag rebuilds and re-indexes your Registry to diminish registry access continuously and therefore promote relevancy responsiveness; Desktop Cleaner can purify unusable icons and files on Desktop clearly. Customization: Customize the look of your pattern by tweaking pattern Explorer, Desktop, Start Menu, Taskbar and notification area; Bring Off the pinned items and can pin any files or folders to Taskbar and Start Screen; Engender the spry startup items on Taskbar with the Bound Record launcher; up Windows 10 boot menu; Rephrase framework menus of mouse Right-Clicking; Rephrase clearly the Win + X menu that shown when right-click on Desktop prat-nautical port corner or Win + X keyboard shortcut ; Engender the shortcut that executed spry on run dialog box. Visual Customizer can mutate pattern and alphabetize epitome icons, mutate the grapple a secure sift semblance automatically. Fastness: Promote pattern fastness by tweaking pattern components, UAC and login settings; up Pattern Re-Establish options; Block and qualify to access drives and programs; Encrypt/decrypt files, get pattern folders to allowable locations; Undelete the files that accidentally deleted or formatted on disk; Reclusiveness Patroness can prolong your particular reclusiveness by eliminating the tracks that you cause to be behind; Block, add or cross out the Command Panel entries. Network: Optimize your Internet friend at court fly, bring off all shares items; your Internet Explorer easily; IP Switcher can deflection your IP sermon clearly on different networks; Edits the Hosts alphabetize to fly up surfing internet and permit only to access the specified Hosts. Misc. Utilities: Direct the store of Windows utilities and pin pattern items to Start Sift and Taskbar; split and unite any files; Automatically disavow up files regularly using Wonderful Writing. Registry Tools help you to bring off Registry clearly. Whats New: Windows 10 Executive v1.0.9 released. Add the French and Spanish features. Adroit some functions. Fix the bugs. =================== Please Keep Seeding.. :)