ShareX 11.2.1

ShareX — strong multifunction utility for fascinating hots from the vet filter with the faculty to use additional tools for editing and processing. Working with the utilization is quite basic and at one's fingertips thanks to the well-memories-out and intuitive interface, where all the largest options put to the socialistic panel. Additional Facts: Collar tab allows you to take a hot of the without a scratch filter, a selected territory of the functioning window and even altogether varying develop, as well as web-point or a lengthy listing. Under heap in the program, you can add other cast files by downloading them via the syndicate from the clipboard, annoyance and stop, etc. Operations for perspicacious filter collar one of the options (objects, the whole space, functioning window) and video fascinating quarters on the filter performance (video collar). By the way, can be used if desired, and keyboard shortcuts that have resilient options. Upon acceptance of the hot in ShareX have several options to proceed with the cast of: edited in the senior editorial writer, add watermark, copied to clipboard, printed, saved to a troop, upload to server and other operations.. We should also highlight the faculty to upload any files to the Web (Services tab downloads), allowing you to shortly put a troop on the Internet through societal networks or cloud services. Supported portals Whirl,Google +, Tumblr, Reddit, and many others. But that's not all. In a festive Tools you will point to a few subsidiary tools that might be useful in your job? — color palette, — Pipette — Cast Senior Editorial Writer, — Inflicting of effects, — Verification of the confusion, — IRC customer — DNS transformation, — QR-principles generator, — Tailback, — Syndicate of images — Thumbnails of the video, — FTP customer, — Vet and check tick off the other. RUN TO ADMIN
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