Zero to 20 digit key adding machine

I am culture how to use the overflow scheme and selected this program to learn on. It might be freeware, but I am not sure. I use it at trade. It is useful for other things as well. If you have any suggestions for a newbie overflow operator please email me at <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» information-cfemail=«f7afc6b7849699d98585d994989a»[email protected]</a «A-Key Adding Machine v.1.0» This program is a useful gadget for cellular phone hustle, TDMA and CDMA network engineers and guaranty managers, as well as everyone who is tortuous in developing and testing the TDMA and CDMA handsets with the built-in authentication aim based on the SURRENDER algorithm as defined in IS &#151; 54 #Appendix A#, TSB50, TSB51, IS &#151; 95, IS &#151; 136 and TIA &#151; 627 standards. Now everyone can design a valid authentication key #A-Key#, 0 to 20 digits big, with an accompanying 6 digit cheksum designed for any given ESN issue. The generated cycle of digits can be entered from the phone«s keypad to reprogram the phone»s A-Key for testing purposes or plastic phone activation. After entering those digits the phone must evince «VALID». This means that the new A-Key value is accepted. Otherwise the phone will evince «INVALID» which means that either the last 6 digits of A-Key are not or there is a puzzle with the phone. With this program you can also validate an existing A-Key for any particular ESN issue. The ESN can be entered in decimal or hexadecimal dimensions, you can proselytize it from one dimensions to another. A useful privilege is resolving the ESN prefix and determining the true phone's fabricator. After you have entered enough digits of the ESN the true fabricator name will be displayed automatically.