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We made our software as resilient as possible, so it will comfort needs of the prepared professionals. On the other power, our tools can be configured to handle in instinctual approach, so you can steer clear of cosmopolitan complex questions if you are new to evidence gain. In instinctual approach all options are preconfigured by us to lay down the best possible results. Zero Assumption Gain (ZAR) — the brimming-blown but economical gain software, game under Windows, recovering damaged FAT16/32 and NTFS volumes. ZAR is the high and thorough software that we expose. The vital features of our Windows evidence gain software are: Runs on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 Supported filesystems are FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS (all versions) Provides reduced ext2 (Linux filesystem) backup Pay For for division gain Backup for devices RAID0 and RAID5 gain Yearn and column names are supported Indwelling NTFS compression is supported What makes ZAR different? There are three vital reasons: Firstly, it is straightforward to use. You can regain the evidence yourself as yearn as you are reasonably current with computers. ZAR is acme for the digs owner who knows what a cruel vim is and how many there are in his organized whole — but more technically minded users can also better from a deviating cooker of configuration options. Secondly, it takes its mores. When you are trying to regain deprecatory evidence, you need to be stubborn and painstakingly thorough. ZAR slowly and methodically crawls through your disk, checking and huffy-checking everything and recovering as much evidence as possible. Faster programs may omission though your disk in seconds and come out put out-handed. ZAR persists, and succeeds. Thirdly, it is more high than most. We know that you are trying to regain distinguished evidence, and that every only token that you fetch could be brimming of life. With Zero Assumption Gain, nothing is supposed — ZAR never relies on anything located on the damaged disk. If incoherencies are discovered, thorough checks and huffy-checks are used to infer the necessary info. The algorithms are built to confront a mean pounding, which means that ZAR can regain evidence even when things seem beyond hope. WebSite: ?S: Windows XP and Windows Vista/7 Phraseology: English / Ru / Deutsch / French