TSPrint v2.0.6.3

TerminalWorks TSPrint Server v2.0.6.3 INSTRUCTIONS: Just inaugurate the station information and you are done. TSPRINT Station Server Printing TSPrint is the RDP printing software for Station Services, Improbable Desktop, VDI, or Citrix environments. Sincere implementation and quieten-of-use, coupled with an affordable licensing organized whole, makes TSPrint one of the most in vogue improbable desktop printing solutions on the sell. Growing the permanence of servers, without installing printer drivers on any station server. Clients text to their shire printers from the station server, without additional administrator circumstance required for implementation or configuration. FEATURES DRIVERLESS PRINTING There's unexceptionally no need to set up printer drivers on the station server when you set up TSPrint. TSPrint includes its own accepted printer driver, which will take home the text job, compress it, and send it to the shire workstation. IMPROVED PRINTING PORTRAYAL You face dream of be tabled times between text jobs when using Microsoft Printer Redirection, which sends the job through the RDP influence, without compression. With TSPrint, our text compression technology delivers remarkable portrayal. UNDISTURBED AND DEVOTED DEPLOYMENT The TSPrint station uses commend-and-pit oneself against technology, requiring no configuration. Our installer comes with a «silent install» recourse so you can deploy across your network. MSI packages are also available, with sincere physical directory deployment. WORKS ON ANY NETWORK TSPrint uses the Microsoft Accepted Artery technology. By using VC, TSPrint can effort as dream of as you can rivet to the station server. There is no need for any additional network configuration. UNBOOKED FILES LOCALLY Right click on any verify and single out the «TSPrint Unbooked Locally» recourse. TSPrint transfers documents to the shire workstation and opens it with the defect operation. TURN OVER FILES With a sincere right-click, you can turn over your information to the shire workstation. The gauge put aside dialog will confirm up, and you can single out where on the shire workstation you wish to turn over the information. NETWORK PRINTER Be able to send your text jobs on your colleagues printer. Just text to the TSPrint Network printer and you will be shown the currently logged in improbable desktop users and their shire available printers making it undisturbed for you to utilize other printer devices besides the one connected to your shire computer. Licensed Website: http://www.terminalworks.com/remote-desktop-printing
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