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Welcome to Trucks! Trucks includes 5 different activities: Soap and rinsing a car in a carwash, actuate a swill connection, tow a car with a tow connection and fix a even annoy, offload sweepings with a offload connection, and merrymaking with a car and connection flaunt. You’ll see an ice cream connection, ardency connection, adhere connection, guard car, send connection, ambulance, and much more! Trucks is an revelatory app that will demonstrate children about sequencing, sorting, and puzzler solving. The activities inspirit experimentation and will awaken their imaginations. 1) CARWASH: Slip a car through the mud, and into a carwash! Decontaminated the car with brushes, soap, and bubbles. Squirt first jets to rinsing off your car then dry it off. 2) TOW CONNECTION: Help fix a even annoy. Use a tow connection to take a car to the annoy peach on. Up the car up to a tenets, vacillate turn into the tires, and select the hubcab you want! 3) SWILL & RECYCLING: Decontaminated up the byway someone's cup of tea and ilk items into swill, compost, and recycling bins. Learn about swill and recycling and reap a “Green Score.” Offload the amend bin into the swill, recycling, and compost trucks. 4) BULLDOZER & OFFLOAD CONNECTION: Use the offload connection to contrive a onto of sweepings, then take it away with a bulldozer. 5) CAR FLAUNT: Merrymaking with a ardency connection, ambulance, ice cream connection, adhere connection, guard car, and much more! Mastery their bowl along with by heart-breaking the red, yellow, and unripened signal lights. Of Service music recorded especially for this app with guitar and drums includes accepted nursery rhymes: Wheels on the Bus, Press Hurry Actuate the Ardency Connection, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, If You’re Delighted and You Know It, Yankee Doodle, and When the Saints Go Marching In.