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See all your appointments for the week in one neatly organized overview. Week Slate is all new, better, horrifying slate for your iPhone or iPod put. The fall short iPhone slate app does not subsume a week overview and makes it refractory to see all your items for the coming week; Week Slate fixes this by providing a new slate overview, in an horrifying and chic overview. With a better listing-, day-, week-, month, year and agenda-overview, Week Slate is the slate that takes all-inclusive usefulness of the iPhone with all-inclusive put movement bolster. Standardize events using shamble-'n-throw over or copy/paste. Swiftly wipe out events. Color laws unitary events. Association contacts to events. Set customized alarms or recurrences. A month scrutiny with colored dots. Way week numbers for economic weeks. And much more that makes working with a slate easier than ever. With pack editing of events, spontaneous color assignments, templates, per-experience timezones, slate presets, contacts linking, adding events into multiple calendars, Week Slate is THE slate app for organization and unplanned users. Features subsume: — pretty reveal of events — week overview — agenda overview — pack editing of events — experience icons — color laws events based on keywords — a better listing, day, week and month overview — see a all-inclusive week of events in one adroit look — standardize events using put and flick — works with all iPhone supported calendars (MobileMe, iCloud™, Prospect, Google Slate, Trade, CalDAV) — supports slate syncing — swiftly add appointments by tap-and-prove valid — zoom in using pinching — aspect and rotation bolster — association contacts to events — copy/paste bolster — die bolster — copy/paste bolster — keep secret hours you don't need — fullscreen bolster — set complex recurrence rules («last day of the month») — portion events via e- — way timezone bolster — way week numbers — better birthday integration (see the age of contacts) — keep secret weekends when no events/on weekdays/in dossier procedure — immeasurable search — fill in in the air day larger — customizable menu with 17 actions to modify events — Supports TextExpander put snippet burgeoning