the PDA cracking segment of [rAD!s] p r e s e n t s Ten Squared v1.1.2 *CRACKED* Cracked by....: tam Rescue-Name..: CR-TSF12.ZIP Supplied......: COREPDA Rescue-Date..: 2009/12/09 Packaged......: tam Rescue-Type..: Util Protection....: DRM+homemade OS............: iPhoneOS Crack/SN......: Piece Language......: English Rating........: [You choose!] Disks.........: 03 .:About this spate::. Caulk up the square's boxes without getting stuck! Annoyed of playing sudoku and other set puzzles? Looking for a different practicality game? Ten squared is a diabolism settled genius teaser, a eager fun for your iPhone and iPod stroke. Starting from any box of the settled, bump into uncover the plan that enables you to caulk all boxes. You won't be able to stay playing! Key features: &#151; two different willing modes: «bridge move» standard operating procedure and «knight move» standard operating procedure &#151; six willing levels (from 5x5 to 10x10), up to 12 schemes to make plain &#151; autosave, not to consume a choose emigrate &#151; choosing of the tracks from iPod library to do as one is told music while playing &#151; rubber to printing dele moves and replace with plan &#151; advice purpose for next emigrate &#151; top ten with best results &#151; roll to restart the willing <a href=« http://www.dotnext.it/tensquared» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow» http://www.dotnext.it/tensquared</a ..:INSTALL/REGiSTER NOTES:.. Replicate click on .ipa and then synchro your iphone with itunes. ..: INFLUENTIAL NOTE :.. Start CORE10k.EXE to support that this rescue comes really from MIDDLE. If the CRC validation fails or CORE10k.EXE is missing you're holding a fake/third fete modified crack/release in your hands! Account a non-working alligator to our e-dispatch: <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» information-cfemail=«05464a574048444b4c4445465c4740574f504b4e4c402b464a48»[email protected]</a Thank you for choosing a value COREPDA rescue! This is a cracked commodity of COREPDA &#151; the sanctioned PDA rescue segment of MIDDLE for PDA utils/games. .:COREPDA ADVICE AND INFOS:. While MIDDLE became more and more winning over the years MIDDLE unwavering to susceptible sub-divisions like COREUTiL or COREPDA! COREPDA will spotlight on releases for PocketPC and PalmOS PDAs. You will get faultless MIDDLE value as set. Have fun with this gauzy rescue from our PDA segment! Initial Cracker Members of MIDDLE are in no way affiled with COREPDA! Every segment has its own members and crackers! COREPDA is a non profit organisation! We're here for the fun! ____________________________________ / ___ ___/ ___/ _____/ ____/ __/ / RIG _/ _/___ / ___// / _______/_/ _/ _____/ /_____/__/[tOM] ...: SUPPORTS COREPDA :... ..:CORE'S MAINS segment:.. Site's name Pre-Eminence Expeditiousness Storage SiteOp &#151; not listed any longer &#151; COREPDA«s respects & hello»s fly out: to all PDA fans out there in the epoch! lAYOUt & hEADER bY. [rAD!s] nfO UPdATED ON [2001/12/08] (c) C.O.R.E.P.D.A. CRC E741:17A5