Map Keyboard - Key Reassigner [Tuzito]

MapKeyboard is a program to remap your keyboard. so you can modify any key on your keyboard to any different one or wholly disable it as well. The changes made are far-reaching for operative user's account, across all applications & games and best of all, MapKeyboard does not even need to be actively chock-full in thought nor operative at all. MapKeyboard does not demand fitting. Just put the program on any folder of your pick and run it!. Note: MapKeyboard needs Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 After launching the program, click any key on the window (with your mouse) and then set it another key by selecting an point from the schedule box at the groundwork-pink of the window. Encore the same for as many keys as you need. If you need to disable the key, pick «Disabled» from the schedule box. Note that keys which are mapped are shown in a grassy highlight. To depose a key remap, just pick its innovative point in the listbox and the highlight should become extinct. After you are done with remapping the keys, click «Save layout» button on the groundwork-right of the window to scrape your keyboard mapping. If you want to depose the whole keyboard mapping i.e. set the dereliction layout, click «Reset Keyboard Layout» That's it, just logout and log past due into your windows drug account to interview your mappings. Note that MapKeyboard does not need to be race for the changes to odds in more. You only need to run it when you want to fluctuate the keys again on your keyboard or reset them. Smite for latest updates and other knowledge. UPLOPADER REMARK: This little wonder is a must-have. 73.5 kb sized, its the settlement for reassing damaged keyboard keys (singular for laptops). And the «use once and forget» induce this contrivance to abide alone compared with all other alternatives on this group