Gamepad for VR

Requires establish and run this app on both phones: VR Headset phone (new utensil) and VR Gamepad phone (old utensil) ☆ Gamepad for VR (practical actuality) is employment that lunge at your phone become a VR Controller, help you authority your VR Headset phone via Bluetooth. ☆ This employment will contrive a between two phones, one for VR Headset phone and other one for VR Gamepad phone ☆ Gamepad for VR is compatible with Samsung Accouterments VR, Google Cardboard and other VR Headset devices ☆ This employment using a pattern gamepad layout so it will be compatible with a monumental amount of games. You can truckle to a lot of VR games on Google Truckle To with this employment. How to use: ► Requires 2 phones to labour, one for VR Gamepad phone (VR controller) and other for VR Headset phone ( VR games) ► Establish and run this employment on both of phones ► Partner 2 phones via Bluetooth, change-over the Inaction input method of keyboard (peer at the instruction video) then like the field. Note: — If this app not labour well, Restart this app on both phones and try again — This employment using pattern gamepad layout, so it may not reinforce for some bosom games. — In some bosom games, only some keys was reinforce (up/down/left/right, escalate accept, passion, reload...) Roll Supported Games: (We did examine and it worked well with Gamepad for VR. If you want to run Cardboard apps on Accouterments VR, download Truckle To Cardboard apps on Accouterments VR app on Google Truckle To) ✔ Hardcode VR Field (forward/back/left/right, Y — passion, A — escalate accept, B — change-over weapon) ✔ Schul Run VR (forward/back/left/right, escalate accept) ✔ Zombiestan VR (setup gamepad at Stage Set before truckle to) ✔ Zombie From Tracker VR (forward/back/left/right, A/Y — passion) ✔ Dignitary VR Racer (up/down to on the run) ✔ Smash VR (X/A/Y — find, B — outlet) ✔ Sniper VR (B — zoom, X — passion) ✔ JetFlyHigh (left/right) ✔ Nitro Political Entity Cardboard (left/right/up) ✔ Sporting House of Dismay VR (B — run, X — menu) ✔ VR Delusion (forward/back/left/right, X — find) ✔ The Bleak Preferential VR (forward/back/left/right) ✔ From Storm VR (X — passion) ✔ Sharks VR (forward/back/left/right, Y,B) ✔ Crossy VR (A — escalate accept) ✔ Snow Find VR (A — passion) ✔ Skeet fly VR (A — passion) ✔ Jurrasic VR (escalate accept)
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